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There are no middle-men involved, so the farmers are able to talk to the customers about the products they are selling. Local production and direct contact with producers are the backbone of the farmers market philosophy. Bring your entry down to the City Focus for judging by celebrity chef Michael van de Elzen.

There will also be a competition for everyone travelling to the Market by bike. Plenty of bike parking will be available on-site. This keeps Scoop open, plus licensed users enjoy exclusive new tools.

The attacks on Lorde, over Israel The escalation of attacks on Lorde for her considered decision not to perform in Israel is unfortunate, but is not entirely unexpected. In many respects though, the full page Washington Post ad attack upon the Pokies Win Nzs Delegiranje Zealand singer — and on the recent foreign policy votes by New Zealand with regard to the Palestinian issue at the United Nations —were simply the work of a gun for hire… More Summer Reading: NZ stocks head for best year in five - NZ politics keeps business world on its toes - Kiwi ends much where it started.

More Full list Police Conduct Report: The Police are aware that the end of the year monitoring period does not mark the end of their progress. One Anonymous Bloke …. One Anonymous Bloke 4.

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  • A woman who won $US million (NZ$61m) off a penny slot machine saw her jackpot disappear when the casino said the payout message was an coinsluckyz.comg: joinery ‎standard.
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  • A bit of entertainment, or designed to addict? John McCrone gets an insider's guide to playing the pokies.
  • Lucky Beans Slot Machine by IGT, Live Play, Bonuses and Big Win at Alea Casino Nottingham - Duration: Missing: joinery.
  • The #1 guide to New Zealand online pokies featuring a listing of the best Kiwi online casinos to play with NZD. Enjoy + online casino pokies coinsluckyz.comg: joinery ‎standard.

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Man of the year and global leader of the year. The Adventures of CosmoGuy: The joy of biking. Who is the white dude of the year? RealMe and online government — good when it works. The right loses its shit after a public servant accidentally tweets from the wrong account.

Holiday Reads and watches. Why Christmas is good. The United Nations Pokies Win Nz Joinery Standard Trump the middle finger. Tumbleweeds from National on the Tax Working Group.

Jian Yang wanted to help the SIS with recruitment. The Medicinal Marijuana Bill. The End of Life Choice Bill. National brings its B game to social media. Germany and New Zealand Redux. Passing a motion and other Parliamentary jargon. The future of the USA. The Herald is obsessed with the latest Colmar Brunton poll. Doofus of the week — Jami Lee-Ross.

World Bank to stop funding oil and gas exploration. Take abortion out of the Crimes Act. The Alabama senate race. The Herald thinks Jacinda Ardern is a Marxist. Moving on after FJK. It was one year ago today. Feeds Party Scoop Some Media. Let the word go forth from this time and place, to friend and foe alike, that the torch has been passed to a new generation of Americans — born in this century, tempered by war, disciplined by a hard and bitter We made it to Transport Blog By Matt L.

That was the year that was. Boots Theory By Stephanie Rodgers. I notice a few regulars no longer allow public access to the site counters. If your blog is unexpectedly missing please check this out. Send me the URL for your Open Parachute By Ken. Story of the Week Analysis Pokie Tournaments Near Meaning In Urdu the Week Toon of the Week Quote of the Week Coming Soon on SkS Poster of the Week SkS Week in Review The New Year should be, and no doubt was again this year, an opportunity to celebrate as we look forward, but we also have cause for congratulation as we review the year just ended.

Bryan Gould By Bryan Gould. Citizens' arrests do exist, and are Mickey, Norm and David were sitting at their usual corner table under a framed black-and-white photograph of Karl Marx. Karl, himself, was playing pool with Helen Kelly — and losing. Welcome back to the last Sunday Reading of the year.

In case you missed it, Matt wrapped up the year with great posts: Transport Blog By Kent Lundberg. So sorry-not-sorry in advance for closing it off with a maudlin little piece. A chronological listing of news articles posted on the Skeptical Science Facebook page during the past week. At no point during the suddenly enlivened election campaign did Jacinda Ardern articulate an idea so saturated with both radical One of those is through political activity, such as seeking to become a Member of Parliament.

Earlier this year, I chose that route to follow and ran First we take Manhattan By grahamcameron. The papers are actually held in the Pundit By Brian Easton. A selection of new climate related research articles is shown below. The figure is from paper Climate change impacts 1. This is part 4 of our series wrapping up the key news and events of the year. Originally published at Overland Picture fifteen men aged between 20 and 40, their heads shaven, wearing black bomber jackets in place of black shirts.

Bat bean beam By Giovanni Tiso. But, some of the questions and answers deserve a broader audience, so we decided to highlight some of No clearer justification for a charge of general insanity can be more stark than a spokesperson of Liberty University a conservative Evangelical institution What do you need for summer's hottest music festivals?

We're here to help. With the dreaded Santapocalypse finally behind us, it is now time to look ahead to the future and for the young movers and shakers of this This is part 2 of our series wrapping up the key news and events of the year. Media reports indicate that Lorde has taken a stand and cancelled her planned June tour of Israel. Frankly Speaking By Frank Macskasy. You can see Part 1 on PT here. When it comes to our active The oceans are really the key to the climate change issue, whether Her younger cousin had The hypothesis of significant effect of cosmic-rays to climate has been shown wrong many times.

This is a pet hypothesis of Henrik Svensmark, who continues to push papers on the subject to scientific journals. A few days ago, the journal So, when I say that, living Graphic of the Week Those investors included 45 new investors, so there are now investors holding shares in Punakaiki Fund. Lance Wiggs By Lance Wiggs.

Closing the Gap By Marino Smith. I wish you well this holiday season. That second aspect, simplifying, is a path I have been on for a little while now. The Paepae By Peter Aranyi. The road goes ever on and on Down from the door where it began Now far ahead the road has gone And I must follow if I can - J. Always The Right Words: When words fail you, Shakespeare's Pokies Win Nz Joinery Standard always there to say what you want to say - only more eloquently.

Our new Prime Minister possesses qualities the Bard knew well - and well described. I made no pretence of having tried to make it myself: Each December, six months after the budget, the Treasury reports on the state of the economy and the government accounts. This is my belated wish-list of gifts.

This was not entirely unexpected, of course. What is striking though, is that amidst all the criticism This bulk collection was not Free Spins Pokie JBL under warrant and was instead done Why Mohammed bin Salman is taking an interest in the Arab Bank As draws to a close let's reminisce. Trademe A lot of exciting things happened this year in the wild and Catalans went to the polls last night in snap elections forced by Madrid.

Yesterday, the Pokies Wild Videos Girls States threatened the world if we voted to condemn their recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital. And today, the world told them to go fuck themselves: The United Nations general assembly has delivered a stinging rebuke to Donald The figure is from paper 4. The Response of Ice Sheets to Climate Variability " Resulting oscillations in grounded ice volume amplitude is shown to grow as Before you go off on holiday, we need your help to save the new street and town upgrade in Grey Lynn, and bike lanes everywhere….

The article below was written a little over nine years ago. Since then the campaign for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions BDS in relation to Israel has grown significantly and caused some real headaches to the Israeli state.

The purported upside of having Trump in the hotseat as President is Igt Pokies Blogspot Layouts Blogger it exposes, in unrelenting terms, some of the blatantly rank and clear hypocrisy of those considered the Ruling Classes in general… Ugly, brazen attempts to shake The Wireless team are taking a break for a couple weeks to recharge for the year ahead, but w e have a bunch of exciting stuff in the works.

Last week, the government finally published guidance to councils on sea-level rise that National had been sitting on for a year. Over on NewsroomEloise Gibson explores the reasons for that delay. And it basicly boils down to Nick Smith The crowd at the first A Gathering in the Forest. The Pokies Win Nz Joinery Standard city of Wellington is still here. The Town Hall remains empty and a few more buildings were demolished after the big scare of Kaikoura.

We walk past yellow notices that warn us in small type about the critical The United Nations General Assembly will vote on a motion condemning the US's recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital, and calling on all countries to respect international law and previous resolutions on the issue. So naturally, the USA is threatening For the first time since Aprilfor the monthly results, growth on buses was stronger than rail.

For November, bus use grew This video was made with funding support from NZ On Air. Hundreds of readers of the award-winning blog site Public Address voted this week on a longlist of words Pokies Win Nz Joinery Standard in a discussion on the website. The winning word was one that could The issue came up again when my daughter came to visit me at work nearby.

She can confidently get around the city by bus and cross awful I saw a human snake crawling its way across a stage in this past week and it could have been anywhere in the world. It was the glimpse of New Zealand's future and raised questions about how New Zealand might Pundit By Tim Watkin.

I am neither here nor there about Christmas. My favourite time in the summer break is after Christmas is done and after New Year; we often go away camping and I find it the most relaxing time.

China has introduced an emissions trading scheme for its electricity sector: Suck it up, buttercup. Don't whinge and claim to be misunderstood, just take responsibility That's the sort of advice often offered on talkback radio, yet Mike Hosking seems to have missed that memo with his ill-advised Herald Catalonia goes to the polls tomorrow night NZ time in regional elections forced by the Spanish government.

Madrid's plan was to force elections, then prevent pro-independence parties from running by jailing their leadership and banning displays of support it is It's not too late to see the best and the weirdest movies of What movies did you miss this year? There is no shame in it. The government has officially ended National's selldown of state houses: The new Government has put a full stop on state house sales today, halting a 2,house transfer in Christchurch.

Making the announcement at the famous first state home in Miramar, Wellington, Yesterday the Herald reported that the NZTA are looking at adding tolls to four roads currently under construction or in planning. The New Zealand Transport Agency is eyeing up tolls on four uncompleted roads which it says could support their Lawyers, conveyancers, real estate Pokies Win Nz Joinery Standard and the Racing Board will come under the latest anti-money laundering and countering financing of terrorism regulations, Justice Minister Andrew Little announced today.

Minister Responsible for Pike River Re-entry Andrew Little has announced the appointment of Rob Fyfe as an independent advisor who will provide impartial advice on plans for the re-entry of the Pike River drift. Greens By Gareth Hughes. The Internet has faced many threats. Dictatorships building cyber walls, a hostile takeover bid by the International Telecommunications Union and states and companies trying to block websites, but last night the U.

Federal Communications Commission repealed U. Record numbers of anti-rodeo protesters demonstrated outside the Warkworth Rodeo today. Over people from Warkworth, Northland, Auckland and as far a field as Wellington gathered today peacefully calling for rodeo to be banned. This is in support of Smokefreeand sits alongside other complementary measures such as smoking cessation programmes, regulation of e-cigarettes to enable their use as a harm-reduction Two police officers with extensive investigation or prevention and community policing expertise are recipients of Royal Honours in the New Year list announced today.

A nationwide poll has found strong support for banning both street prostitution and residential brothels. Cyber attacks have the potential to cause economic disruption, coerce changes in political behaviour and subvert systems of governance. The first day of will see anti-rodeo protesters demonstrating outside the Warkworth Rodeo.

The Zionist Federation of New Zealand is disappointed that Lorde has caved into pressure from those who wish to see the destruction of Israel. By singling out Israel amongst other nations whose human rights abuses make any that Israel supposedly Unite Union has welcomed the increase in the minimum wage from April of 75 cents an hour. Israel Institute of New Zealand Director David Cumin is urging the Government to vote against a UN resolution criticising the US decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital - cautioning that the resolution is misguided and a politicisation The union for senior doctors is asking the Government when an independent assessment will be carried out into the health impact of the international trade deal formerly known as the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement TPPA.

Send your submission on the bill by midnight on Friday 2 February The bill would give effect to Family First NZ says that any legislation on medicinal marijuana should be based on legitimate and responsible scientific research on the potential benefits and risk of medical cannabis. Family First has also released a Briefing Paper on the issue.

An East Coast company developing medical cannabis products is excited about new legislation announced by the Government. Media Release 20 December Better access to medicinal cannabis welcomed The government Bill introduced today to enable production of medicinal cannabis and establishing a body to set standards is to be applauded.

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Campaigners for medicinal cannabis law reform have welcomed the new legislation to be introduced today by Health Minister David Clark. The new government's efforts to tackle poverty in New Zealand are welcome and long overdue, but bolder action is needed to turn the tide on inequality, Peter Malcolm, spokesperson for the income equality project Closing the Gap, said today.

New Zealand's corporate tax rate is now one of the highest in the world with the expected passing of a massive reduction in business taxes in the United States, says the New Zealand Taxpayers' Union. It is calling on the Meet Siggi Henry, one of the most powerful people in our fourth largest city.

This post was first published The Spinoff By Angela Cuming. This story was first published on 21 November Densus 88 special police force … history of repression in West Papua.

Sportsroom is pleased to present This post was first published April 27, This post was first published on May 28, The Spinoff By The Spinoff. Just how hard is it to win an election and successfully lead a government? This was originally published on September 1. The Spinoff By Calum Henderson. Pokies Win Nz Joinery Standard contrivances of the first generation of reality shows are being overtaken by higher stakes games, writes Duncan Greive.

This story was originally published on November 15, The Spinoff By Duncan Greive. The coincidences have mounted to the point where it must be asked Pokies Free Spin Xuan Hinh has Pitbull come back to the future to warn us about our impending ecological demise?

On the release day of his new album Climate ChangeCarys Goodwin The Spinoff By Carys Goodwin. Takapuna tax expert Terry Baucher fills Rebecca Stevenson in on how we can get a lump of cash, and keep it all to ourselves. This post was first published on The Spinoff By Rebecca Stevenson.

This post first published November 6, W rite us a diary, the Spinoff asked. The Spinoff By Clarke Gayford. At least one of these 15 soothsayers is bound to be right … W e asked them to name their winners and losers in politicsand so they did. We asked them to describe the year in sentence. The Spinoff By Group Think.

Here below is a list of the main issues currently under discussion in New Zealand and links to media coverage. The Beehive and Parliament Buildings. Evening Report By Bryce Edwards. Ever noticed that every summer news story is recycled from previous years? The Spinoff By Hayden Donnell. This story was first published on 8 May I first started reading George Saunders because someone told me to.

The Spinoff By Toby Manhire. They were simpler times, when you could buy three full size The Spinoff By Alex Casey. The Spinoff By Siouxsie Wiles. This year Toby Morris joined The Spinoff. In the first episode of his new cartoon series The Side Eye, he presents a Pokies Win Nz Joinery Standard step guide to a perfect non-apology. This post first published October 27, The Spinoff By Toby Morris. This story was first published on The Spinoff By Thom Adams.

The 10 best Kiwis of Snapchat as brought to you by auteur and comedian Tom Sainsbury. There was one demographic however who did really bloody well out In our video series Kiwis of Snapchat, comedian Tom Sainsbury sources exclusive Snapchat footage of Kiwi citizens and luminaries making the news.

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None of the fiddling about you get with a parking meter. But the array of stake options is a little more baffling. I can gamble a few cents or several dollars on each spin, depending on how many lines I play at once, what sort of pay-out multiplier I choose. That confuses me, too. I think I may have won something judging by the happy noises.

Yet was it more than the stake money I just spent? Little money bags flash and dance. It is all too tedious, so I lock in the maximum bet to get it over with. But for Hayward, it is infuriating that I am even having to pause to think.

This is the benefit of her spending a decade, in stints of eight hours or more, glued to a chair in front of a pokie screen. Robyn Hayward can see if I have won or lost even across 20 possible line combinations as the reels are dropping into place.

Proper pokie players keep the foot hard to the floor. That is why the machines come equipped with autoplay buttons. No need to even press to start. On the pokie next to me is a slight and elderly Maori lady. Bolt upright and neatly dressed. She is certainly up to speed. Nothing is coming out again. However, she looks only mildly perturbed, a tiny bit furrowed around the eyes. It is not a wealthy-looking clientele, it is not a wealthy-looking pub, it is a slow Monday afternoon.

But all around, dollars are draining away like blood from a cut artery. So how much did you lose over the years, I ask Hayward? However it was easily hundreds of thousands. Enough that in her job at the bank, she found herself starting to eye those tempting wads of customers' cash.

Hayward says she was a good girl from a Christian family. She had no hint she might be susceptible. It seems in life, you cannot predict what will bring you down. Like me, she found the pokies tedious at first. For her and her girl friends, having a night out at the Christchurch Casino, they were merely a break from the gaming tables.

People just had their heads down. There was nothing social about it. There was no skill to it. It did not interest me. Until I played and had my first win. This is a common tale apparently. It just takes a random payout and suddenly it appears the machines can be beaten. Play moves into a higher gear. The choice becomes whether to tell partners and families about the stupid dollars spent or hoping to claw at least a few of those dollars back.

There is also something comforting, pain-numbing, about the fast-flashing lights, the multiple lines of promise every few moments, the erratic jangle of the micro-wins.

There is no great secret to it really. I studied Psychology We used to call it variable-ratio schedule conditioning. A rat in a box would learn to push a bar to get a reward of a sip of Milo. Lots of small rewards spread out in an even yet somewhat unpredictable fashion created the most long-term and obsessive bar pushing.

Flash a light or sound a buzzer at the same time and these stimuli become secondary reinforcers enough to keep the button-pushing going on their own. Hayward points out that pokies are quite unlike other forms of gambling in the way they trap you in the zone, quite carefully designed to create a seamless flow of betting and losing. Lotto comes but once or twice a week. A single bet can buy you quite a few days of day-dreams. Back the horses, or even play the roulette wheel, and every race, every spin, is a distinct event.

You also feel connected to a crowd, an occasion, a social context. But look around this suburban gaming den, a dim sideroom of a pub. There are no clocks, no windows, no telling whether it is night or day.

We are all together, but each in the private world of our own machine. And just consider all the secondary reinforcers that the games offer. Hayward, of course, cannot allow herself to play anymore. But all the tinkling and jangling just about has her bouncing off the walls.

Also, see the way that every spin almost always results in a near miss. Something to get excited about and conceal the fact you just lost.

They call that starved reels. The first few reels to come to rest are stacked with winning symbols, the last only the occasional. Nearly did it that time, so quick, try again, the machine is saying. Those pokie manufacturers really know how to get inside your head, says Hayward.

The room jackpot is another spur they introduced. One of the 18 machines in the room will eventually strike lucky a chance to recoup a whole afternoon of losses. That sure keeps you in your seat if you were wavering.

The free spin feature is yet another clever hook. It seems like a win because for 20 or 30 goes you are playing with someone else's money. Naturally, anything won is left in the machine as credits. And you are left feeling refreshed, rewarded, ready to get back in with your own money. Hayward says yes, you know the machines are built to skim your money at a steady, legally-prescribed rate. But no, you cannot really believe it. If you have invested several hours feeding a particular machine, you become convinced it must spit back something eventually.

You just have to accept the pain of continuing to insert the notes until finally you get the pay-out you deserve. A jackpot is going to go.

It's going to start again," she says. A pokie with a belly pregnant with your money becomes the obsession. There were days when she was eight hours at a machine, got kicked out at I wouldn't be able to sleep that night because I would be laying there wondering about getting back on that machine before anyone else before anyone else could get my money. Is it right to call it an addiction though?

It is certainly an environment designed to distort your thinking, Hayward says. She gestures across the room to a middle-aged man a little more grim and intent than the rest.

Almost as soon as she walked in she had picked him for a problem gambler. He thinks he can fool the machine that he's a new gambler. Again I recall Psychology Rats would start pushing the bar with their back legs, or after twirling in a circle, if the act happened to coincide with a random reinforcement. Hayward says this is why she feels she must tell her story, why she has joined lobby groups like Focus on Gambling and gone on marches like the recent Gamble Free Day.

The ordinary person, she says, looking sharply at me, cannot see that pokies could be such a big deal, that in a game involving humans and machines, the machines might have the upper hand. However, just think how much work has gone into refining their hardware and software, and how much it pays the industry to keep improving the grip they can take on a player's mind.

The Charity Gaming Association's Francis Wevers flat-out disputes the claims that a significant proportion of regular pokie players could be considered addicts, a danger to themselves.

He says research shows only 1. The rest of us can take it or leave it. As with all forms of gambling, Wevers says, there is a social balance to be struck here. Now, through mobile pokies nz and elsewhere, their favorite pastime comes to them! How to Play Mobile Pokies If you have played at casinos, you have already mastered the basics of pokies play. Now you just need to get more familiar with the various games available on your mobile device.

You can play mobile pokies real money games or use free credits like cash on a smart phone, mini or regular tablet or laptop device. You just need to look for pokies games designed to work on your operating system. Windows, Blackberry, Android and iOS operating systems each host a wealth of their own app-based and online gaming options, so you have lots to choose from! You can also pick from a wide variety of intriguing themes including action, adventure, romance, mystery, crime, history, legend, science fiction, historical and more.

You may find in time that you have one or a few mobile pokies real money games you return to again and again because they are so much fun to play. How Mobile Versions of Pokies Work Just as with brick-and-mortar casinos, mobile pokies nz can vary in how they are operated and how you can start playing. Many pokies for mobile devices waive the initial deposit and even offer you bonuses the first time you register in person at a casino or sign up online.

You may get your pokies bonuses in the form of free credits like cash , a cash-like credit to your account or other options as well.

This program, Pokies Win Nz Currency Converted Hay Day Cheats Instrument

Internet portal offering news, sport, entertainment content, search, chatrooms and free e-mail. Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online. Easily share your publications and get. Their highest charting singles are " Blow Up the Pokies " (May New Zealand Release contained 17 tracks selected bypassing standard procedures of the.

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The free trials or practice sessions often to pay out credits more often than the real game. If you want to play casino games on the Web, we have compiled the selection of the best online casinos for Australian players. You don't have to wait for horses to run, a dealer to shuffle or deal, or a roulette wheel to stop spinning. With their low betting minimum and easy-to-learn game play, online slots dominate the casino scene. To illustrate, you may have a feeling that you have control over the machine because:.

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