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Just need to know his name and initial or his service number. Hope you know his full name if the surname is Smith or similar. Was he captured in Crete? If you want to discuss this further,tomorrow I will be outside the Edinburgh Castle Pub, at the corner of Pitt and Bathurst Streets, from about 11 a. This is way off-topic, and pretty tasteless too, but I've never been one to let such trifles stop me.

The story does not tell what became of the severed member. What was the particular dish that he was trying to make an ingredient contribution towards? Toad in the Hole? Or a plain simple bangers 'n mash? I have met people who are passionate about preparation of grub, but no-one who was prepared to part with his prick in pursuit of his passion. Im going to the Dawn Service to show my respects to the aussies Who fought so Bravely and Died Pokies Win Nz Earthquake Cows Honour fighting for us and our country, i'll surely be shedding a tear or two for my fellow Australians.

Now I need a tissue. My eyeliner is running too. Not as much as is does when the last post is played, but enough to be not very good for being in the workplace. I met a young guy who was all of 20 years old who was serving as a medic in Iraq with the US Army, The kid was not old enough to have a beer in his own countyr and he was dispensing heavy duty pain killers and patching up his colleagues.

He did not agree with the reasons behind why he was in Iraq. He joined up because it was a way of escaping his home town in the Mid-West. He spent 4 hours talking to me and some friends about how he copes and what he does and what is the feeling of the US troops over in Iraq.

He was a very intelligent and articulate man. I don't agree with the war in Iraq and many people don't. He will be in my thoughts tomorrow and I will be hoping that he is still alive and safe.

Yes, very off-topic, but funny nonetheless. When I read it I was wondering if - with a bit of, uh, "digital enhancement" shall we say Mariska Hargitay Pokies Australian Animals For Kids he could do a bit of a Jesus and feed the starving masses with it You certainly do need help with the Rules as you revealed in one of your early posts today.

Suggest you Wiki or Google the rules - or we bloggers can chip in. Lots of throws end up 1H and 1T. These are dead and the spinner simply tosses until 2T or 2H appears. The Toss is also 'dead' if one or both of the coins 'floats' up and does not spin.

The caller sometimes refers to this as a 'floater'. Good advice for the uninitiated I'm a little more lenient in my attitude to tails betters, after all we couldn't have a game without them.

Everybody say thank you to Darren. He's the man who killed the blues. Sometimes Liz on April 24, I'm a new Australian of 24 years, born in Scotland. I finally realised what Australia meant to me when I lived in LA for 9 months doing IT work with six other aussie guys. We educated our yank compatriots on Anzac day, and the vagaries of two-up. The respect we were shown on the day, and the beers we drank, reminded me a that the majority of americans aren't that bad: I'm broke as fcuk, and I'm not sure where my rent is coming from next week, but I'm hoisting a beer tomorrow.

Hey, it's not something you need to apologise for, least of all to me, mate. I know only too well why you got pissed off, fair enough too. I think the fact that our soldiers received such a tribute from somebody who was once an enemy commander Attaturk is a pretty clear indicator of their absolute quality. Not to mention their willingness to fight in a foreign war for the defence of others I meant in WW1 and WW2 before everyone starts screaming at me about Iraq.

Pokies Win Nz Sas First Among Equals probably over-sensitive about the issue - when I was a kid as in a little kid I was all into the whole Anzac legend thing and thought the Turks Pokies Meaning Yellow Color the "bad guys" and was a bit of a prick to these kids from a Turkish family who were friends of my mum once.

When I actually learned a bit about it I was pretty humbled by it, that's all. In fact, I'm sorry for jumping at you like that. Great call on the national archives. I did that last year for my surviving grandfather see post up page. They sent me heaps of stuff. It was really cool. I learned that he ended up serving 9 years in the army never knew and that he became a special forces instructor for hand-to-hand combat.

M, yes, it's impossible not to be moved by those words, isn't it? And they completely encapsulate the ultimate futility of war. I believe they're inscribed somewhere at Gallipoli too, but I'm not sure of this. Returned soldiers are never pro-war, are they?

War is to remember those who decided to fight against tyranny and injustices caused by various despots and opressors. Supposing no-one went to fight the Japanese at Milne Bay for example? We would have been ruled by Japan long ago. Look at the many acts of heroism in teh face of adversity, people like SimpsonWeary Dunlop etc.

Respect the past u fckwit and respect those that died so you may live in the now. That was in the first Gulf War and I was a cats whisker from going over myself. Another 2 weeks and I would have.

Thank you so much for the link. I wish I had made more of an effort when they were alive to show my respect to them both for what they and all the other Pokies Win Nz Vs Ban 1st did for our country. Then you must eat Turkish food tomorrow as pennance for your behaviour. I know three places in Enmore that I am sure would appreciate your custom. A huge thanks for ditching the dark-background-light-font format.

Never played two-up, but since April 25 is also my birthday, I always attend the dawn service, just to lend a thought to every poor soul in the world who has ever started their day on a battlefield.

Of course, I've always been quite tickled by the thought that my birthday would be a national day of mourning. My old man came here as a Jewish refugee from Nazi Germany. When he got here, he faced the usual crap that new immigrants face. However, when no-one else would give him a job, the Australian Army would. He always tells me that he was treated with respect and dignity. People didn't seem to give a rats arse where he came from, just that he was serving now.

My hat comes off to our service personnel. They offer their lives so that we don't have to. I'll be standing in the dark tomorrow morn, shedding a quite tear for those that never made it back. Look for spinners who have a consistent toss - if they toss it at the same height, with the same degree of spin, they are SLIGHTLY more likely to throw consistent heads as opposed to the nonce who hits the ceiling every second throw!

And remember the trend is your friend! Nothing is worse than being wrong 8 times in a row Finally - backing heads means you hold the money. Thanks very much for this link. Have just located my great-grandfathers service records. I did know he fought at the Somme.

But the stuff I've been able to download has been fantastic. So I am exercising my mmanagerial discretion to be idle for the next hour or so. Will be able to show it to my grandfather tomorrow. They had a house fire in the early 's and all of this sort of stuff was lost. Hey Stan - Yes, we looked at that sight yesterday.

THanks for letting people know about this link - Pokies Win Nz Sas First Among Equals really good starting point. A good link as well is the Australian War Memorial, which gives a good rundown of the where the battalions fought. My brother has copies of our Dar's records including medical records and also which medals he was presented with.

My grandfather was Spencer Stanley Ronald Seymour. He was captured in crete I thinkbut not imprisoned. As I said in an earlier post - I never got the full story about him - so its been interesting finding out more and more info and putting the puzzle together May see you at the Edinburgh Castle! My heart goes out to him. To be tortured for years is their lot, and they deserve our respect everyday. It's great that you found out about him and understanding. My dad and his brother cried when I gave them my granpa's service history for Father's Day.

He passed away years ago now. Ah, you're a hard taskmaster M Only in the spirit of reconciliation of course. And apparently I will after that steadily lose money in two-up all day. Damyul on April 23, 7: It is possible that prewar he was in the City of Sydney's 1st Militia Battalion. Would anyone inthe family know? If such, he would have known my father, who was in that battalion before the war.

I would be interested, as am writing my dad's biography at present. I had a fair bit to do with Yes I know we are repeating mistakes now in Iraq, I'm a soldier, and you'd be surprised how many are angry about it as well. There is a contract between society and the soldier. We say we will risk our lives, and live in discomfort. What we ask in return is that society makes sure that it risks our lives for a worthwhile reason I was labelled anti australian and strangely enought, anti semetic.

Anzac day ,in my area ,is a huge day indeed. I will certainly be having a few jars with the punters I'll be taking a few lazy fifties along to test out my luck as well I too like most bloggers here Pokies Win Nz Sas First Among Equals had relatives who went to war ,some came home ,others didn't.

What i admire most about the serviceman who have fought for Australia ,is their attitude to life. Alot of the veterans i've known ,live out their days being cheerful and ever grateful of making it home Do you know of such a place?

Someone else did tell me that Balmain was full of good pubs for two-up. Rex Reason on April 24, 2: Thanks for the acknowledgement. I think the man is a traditionalist, making a statement for the inclusion of traditional English fare into restaurant menus. For the record I am as Australian as a white honky can be.

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Choosing not to fight would be a more admirable and honourable path imo. The English command was clearly uncaring and negligent. All conquerors are ultimately conquered. Australia did not "invade" Turkey - Hello; Turkey was on Germany's side to take over the known world, we were simply doing our bit to try to stop them; free the Dardinelles from gun posts so allied ships could pass. Diggers rule and I'll always do anything I can for them.

I'd drop you an email, but I don't see any way to to email from the Blog I'd leave me email here, but it clearly identifies me by name, so I'd rather not. Cheers all, have a good day. Also for all this talk of beer, remember a good ANZAC day starts with some bundaberg in your coffee before the sun rises. I'll be at the Sir William Wallace in Balmain from about midday-ish, I'm average height with shoulder length curly auburn hair - the cute older guy behind the bar knows me and can point me out if needed!

Maybe see you there, Lotus Stirring the pot over at SATC, are you? I saw some of that Pokies Win Nz Sas First Among Equals, so I popped over to check it out. And while I think Sax is way off, and I've seen a few posts that refer to the 'invasion' of Turkey by Australia which implies a certain degree of innocence on the part of Pokies Wild Zucchini Grillit would appear that even those comments are not all that controversial.

But then again, I'm used to the garbage dialoge which gets hurled about in the United States. This American veteran of more recent times! Manly Girl, thanks so much for that link. I found my grandfather's details on there. It says he served in the AIF in the F. Brigade whatever that is 10th Reinforcement from I was a little surprised at the date but then I remembered that he told us a long time ago that although WW1 ended inthere were so many Aussie and NZ soldiers in Europe and so few ships that it took a couple of years to bring all the survivors back.

I know from my grandfather's diary that he spent the war in the north of France in places like Villiers-Bretonneux, Amiens and Pozieres and also Ypres in Belgium. Don't let k8's false modesty fool you, Lotus. Her natural beauty will radiate over the drab surroundings of the pub so that she will be unmissable.

The same goes for you. Novel ideas about taxation, marcus. I think the politicians who make bad decisions to send our troops off to foolish wars should be taxed at a higher rate for the rest of their lives to support the war veterans.

Clearly you've already been toasting the memories of the fallen, righteous! But thank you for the kind words We are now in different times. People do now have the option to not join up and they don't if they feel that much about it. There was once a thing called National Service and if you "chose" not to participate you were thrown in jail. This was in existence until the 70's when the protests against the Viet Nam war ended Australia's involvement.

To treat serving and returned service men and women with such disrespect from your first comment insults both my grandfathers and my maternal grandmother. The choice you espouse is one that you have now because of the lessons learned from these and wars that have occurred in the past.

You may not agree with Australia's involvement in Iraq. Would you agree with Australia's peacekeeping efforts in East Timor? These are also the efforts that the Australian Armed Forces participate in. My choice has been to not join the armed forces. That does not mean that I will insult and disrespect those who have chosen to join. I have spent the morning crying as I do every year mourning the loss of so many young lives.

Eric Bogle has been playing in my mind as part of the soundtrack to the march. Here it is in the middle of Anzac day and I was forced to leave my local dive due to the constant reminder of just how boring two-up is. Surely no one no matter how many beers they've consumed can find this game exciting? Its the epitome of bland. Id rather bet on cock-fighting now thats a sport! The novelty of two-up has long worn off due to the ever-widening number of pricks using this moth-eaten game in order to get fairly pissed.

Why would we be their slaves? It would have just been different to what did happen, which was that Pokies Win Nz Sas First Among Equals war was essentially won by the allies who had the the nuclear weapons and the shit-for-brains to use them. Bottom line is, if the "bad guys" had won, and we had been assimilated-history happens.

Sometimes it sucks; we just think it was a good outcome because we were on the "winning" team-not so with Vietnam though hey? Which is probably why there is not such a huge deal made about Vietnam vets plus it wasn't a world war, I know, I know.

I have never played two-up and I don't get it, but I did attend dawn services in France at Villers-Breteneux sp? Bottom line is, why would I waste a precious free day off doing boring stuff? I'm not actively against two-up and beer swilling, I just don't want to. I understand how much people sacrificed-and how the devastation of ww1 and 2 is still affecting families through a trickle down effect today.

Oh, and Saxinthecity, who let you out of your retard cage and onto the internet? If you were actually intelligent enough to form opinions about anything-you certainly wouldn't voice them in that way. Posted by Sam de Brito April 24, Is that so you can identify the women to hit on Sam? Cause thats what it looked like tonight at The Bank Hotel after 2 up. Dave on April 25, 8: My great Uncle Mil thought gambling was wrong and thought those who went to Dawn Services "needed their head read".

Uncle Mil never played two up and never went to a dawn service. He also fought with the 51st Battalion in New Guinea.

I merely disagreed with him and was pretty gentle with my disagreement if you read my first post and then it was off. He said he was kidding with the 'do you deny the holocaust line' but you know what I didn't get the joke and that particular subject walks a fine line regarding humour and he didn't state that it was a joke till 4 exchanges later.

Maybe I was being a bit thick, or too earnest its been known to happen! It ended without resolution, but such is life This isn;t a slur against the Japanese, but a realistic understanding of what happens when a country is invaded and annexed.

I view this as a negative Fantastic stuff though; how did you come up with it? OSmond; you are an insulated spoilt git. The known world was Europe. Germany were trying to exert and win a controlling stake. Turkey were on their side. Australia was involved to stop it. We did not want to colonise or take over Turkey there was never Pokies Big Winners Ufc 205 intention INVADE and control the government Turkey, which would have ben pointless - the goal was to just clear a strategic sea corridor.

You know how I cam up with that? You are a sorry lefty loser who takes fredom for granted, quite simple, really. I wish the Japs invaded Aust for long enough to sterilize your grandma for use as a 'comfort woman' - tolerate that, geek. More bombs were dropped on Darwin than Pearl Harbour - the fact you are ignorant to this speaks volumes for your general cluelessness on the topics your insipid mind dares to post on. The First World War did not start because Germany was trying to "exert and win a controlling stake" what does that even mean in english?

Germany did not start the war. Germany's ally did not instigate it. Germany was as about as guilty of bringing about the war as any other power in Europe was; including Australia's allies.

You're wrong about how the war started, and you don't seem to know what an invasion is, but I agree about tax breaks and benefits for veterans.

We're both lefty scum! Japan did not want to colonise or take over Australia there was never the intention INVADE and control the government Australia, which would have ben pointless - the goal was to just clear a strategic sea corridor.

Japan had already printed Austalian currency with the Jap emperor on it - can be seen at the War Memorial. That is a pretty good indication of intention to invade and conquer; fully. I made no statements about how it started - you probablythink Franz Fredinand are a great rock band! Pearl Harbour factoid was simply demonstrating your ignorance of geo-political military history. Hello Osmond and marcusbondi, You're both somewhat off the mark.

One needs to distinguish between the Imperial Japanese Army's hopes to invade the Australian mainland, and the IJ Navy's opposition to such a strategy. Throughout the war, Japanese grand strategy Pokies Money Translator Currency influenced by this rivalry between the Navy and the more Pokies 2018 Nfl Hall Army.

Stan, I copied and pasted a paragraph of marcusbondi's, and replaced Australia and Turkey with Japan and Australia. It wasn't intended as a comment on Japan's WWII strategy of which my knowledge is limitedbut cheers for the info. I didn't know that. When posting comments on blogs you agree to abide by our terms and conditions. Comments that are offensive, defamatory, unsuitable or that breach any aspects of the terms will be deleted.

Ducks on April 23, 5: I also won heaps! Misty on April 23, 5: Thursty on April 23, 5: Sam, in the Turkish toast paragraph, should that read "bad luck"? Tim on April 23, 5: You know, do your civic duty and all that stuff Checkout Chick on April 23, 6: But, the free public transport home is pretty neat-o.

Existential Maths Geek on April 23, 6: Timaahy on April 23, 6: After the services in Bullecourt the mayor invited us back to the town hall for a few lagers. Its amazing to see how many little places help us carry on this tradition. Dog on April 23, 6: Where are some good places to go for two-up on Wednesday preferably city or eastern suburbs?

Lotus on April 23, 7: SaxInTheCity on April 23, 8: If by high you mean then yes Posted by: Magarnicle on April 23, 9: How fast would you have to run if you said that to a digger?

As fast as a leopard. Timaahy on April 23, Pokies Win Nz Customs Alcohol McFly on April 23, 9: And I am known to like a bit of tail Posted by: Big Dan on April 23, 9: Discipline's Disciple on April 23, Dog on April 23, Can't speak about two-up. I've never understood the lure of gambling. H on April 24, 3: Stats Geek on April 24, 6: MyCall on April 24, 7: MyCall, If you are living in France, you are probably in one of the best locations for seeing a great service, in some ways better than Gallipoli you won't have to deal with the crowds etc.

Cheers Dog Posted by: Dog on April 24, 8: Stan on April 24, 8: Swimmer on April 24, 8: Rex Reason on April 24, 8: M on April 24, 9: Misty on April 24, 9: Lotus the best place to go for 2up is clovelly hotel. Cutsnake on April 24, 9: Survival of the fittest on April 24, 9: Joe on April 24, 9: Dallas on April 24, 9: Osmond on April 24, 9: Ducks on April 24, 9: Gallipolli would not be at the fore front as we never took the beach.

Its not like we bring out a bong and some pokies? HIM on April 24, 9: Nick on April 24, 9: Tails, Tails, never fails Sometimes Liz on April 24, 9: Urban Jungle on April 24, Survival of the fittest on April 24, Lotus on April 24, Headzup on April 24, Urban Jungle but what if the "good looking bird" has a great arse???? HIM on April 24, Bree on April 24, Headzup, I'll be there, and take note everyone I always throw way to much money into the pool as I don't think I have ever come out ahead, But heads all day this year see how we go.

ThePirateKing on April 24, RIP and go the bunnies. Maths Geek needs to review Bayes Theorum. Psi on April 24, Were it not for their sacrifice, Sax, you would now be a Japanese slave. Anonymous on April 24, Big Dan on April 24, Also, apparently, the strets are pretty quiet on the day after Anzac Day. Homer on April 24, Discipline's Disciple on April 24, Humbling, harrowing, deeply moving. Howgod R Wags on April 24, Stan on April 24, Aural on April 24, Dont do it and if you go somehwere where they are doing it go somewhere else Posted by: You may spend eternity as a coffee table or ottoman for a very large person.

M on April 24, Bah humbug to uu don't know how to play 2-up!!!!!!!! You never, ever play two-up with three coins. This should not require explanation.

Stevo on April 24, Makes you feel like crying, doesn't it? Thank you for sharing that. I think you forgot beer drinking and purchasing protocol. Fenimore Cooper on April 24, Sorry, didn't read Dog's earlier post and doubled up. Manly Girl on April 24, 1: Regards, Stan Posted by: Stan on April 24, 1: Apparently in London today, a man stood on a restaurant table and hacked off his penis: Set my alarm for 3. Brenno on April 24, 1: James on April 24, 1: Hello Dog Thanks for your posts, by chance were you ever up Sig way a few years back?

Lotus on April 24, 1: M on April 24, 1: Lotus, You certainly do need help with the Rules as you revealed in one of your early posts today. I'm a little more lenient in my attitude to tails betters, after all we couldn't have a game without them Posted by: GetOnThe Run on April 24, 2: The colour has changed again.

It has gone from blue to beige and grey. M on April 24, 2: Hey Sam Ta for ditching the blue screen crap! Cheers Kitty Everybody say thank you to Darren.

To Dog, and Big Dan. Smurf on April 24, 2: Stan, Thanks for the link, very interesting. HIM on April 24, 2: Howgood R Wags on April 24, 2: That's enough from me on this topic: X on April 24, 2: My other grandfather was a trooper in the 1 armoured regiment and served for just over 4 years. Rest in beautiful peace, Pop and Pa. Anonymous on April 24, 2: Eyes of the World on April 24, 2: Let me put forward another reason to show our respect for the diggers, past and present.

Bilby on April 24, 2: After playing for a few years now I have to say I agree with razzle dazzle. Honest Bloke on April 24, 2: He's going to be so chuffed. Fenimore Cooper on April 24, 3: Sometimes Liz on April 24, 3: Checkout Chick on April 24, 3: And April - it's never to late to appreciate someone, gone or not. RIP to your grandfather's.

Manly Girl on April 24, 3: Discipline's Disciple on April 24, 3: Out side the Square Scott on April 24, 3: Stan on April 24, 4: Dog on April 24, 4: It is most definitely in the spirit of reconciliation and rememberance.

M on April 24, 4: XAll booked up for tomorrow but thanks anyway, Posted by: HIM on April 24, 4: I'm not sure but I think they are all sniffing too much amyl nitrate over there Posted by: Sometimes Liz on April 24, 4: Hopefully I'll be able to find someone to help me out tomorrow.

Lotus on April 24, 4: Hiya Dog Um - if you are the same Dog we might have worked together at one stage. Feel free to drop me an email. What if they declared a war and nobody came? You could refuse to fight. As I refuse to fight now. I just have a different perspective. SaxIntheCity on April 24, 6: Hello Kitty, I don't remember anyone called Pokies Win Nz Sas First Among Equals ;- I'd drop you an email, but I don't see any way to to email from the Blog I'd be happy for the moderator to forward my address though.

Dog on April 24, 6: On topic, some great songs from Eric Bogle: Tim on April 24, 9: Jude of Lost Causes on April 25, Tim on April 25, 6: M on April 25, Adrian Belew on April 25, 1: I think the key to world peace is listening to John Denver, Particularly the song, "farewell Andromeda" Posted by: Thursty on April 25, 3: Lisa on April 25, 6: Heya Dog Try this - kitty. Jude of Lost Causes on April 26, 3: Guido Pestoni on April 26, 6: Sometimes Liz on April 26, 9: Osmond on April 26, That is not an invasion; unlike what the boofhead termites have done inside your brain.

Hey Marcusbondi, what do you think of this: As opposed to soldiers ona baech with one mission - to nullify guns for sae corridor. I am so not lefty scum. Stan on April 26, 3: I Fruit Machines Pokie Rappers you Sam.

Always bet Pokies Win Nz Sas First Among Equals heads indeed I won six hundred, drank and ate free all day and met a cute girl. Welcome back to the last Sunday Reading of the year. In case you missed it, Matt wrapped up the year with great posts: Transport Blog By Kent Lundberg.

So sorry-not-sorry in advance for closing it off with a maudlin little piece. A chronological listing of news articles posted on the Skeptical Science Facebook page during the past week. At no point during the suddenly enlivened election campaign did Jacinda Ardern articulate an idea so saturated with both radical One of those is through political activity, such as seeking to become a Member of Parliament.

Earlier this year, I chose that route to follow and ran First we take Manhattan By grahamcameron. The papers are actually held Rain Dance Online Pokies the Pundit By Brian Easton.

A selection of new climate related research articles is shown below. The figure is from paper Climate change impacts 1. This is part 4 of our series wrapping up the key news and events of the year. Originally published at Overland Picture fifteen men aged between 20 and 40, their heads shaven, wearing black bomber jackets in place of black shirts. Bat bean beam By Giovanni Tiso. But, some of the questions and answers deserve a broader audience, so we decided to highlight some of No clearer justification for a charge of general insanity can be more stark than a spokesperson of Liberty University a conservative Evangelical institution What do you need for summer's hottest music festivals?

We're here to help. With the dreaded Santapocalypse finally behind us, it is now time to look ahead to the future and for the young movers and shakers of this This is part 2 of our series wrapping up the key news and events of the year. Media reports indicate that Lorde has taken a stand and cancelled her planned June tour of Israel. Frankly Speaking By Frank Pokies Win Nz Sas First Among Equals. You can see Part 1 on PT here.

When it comes to our active The oceans are really the key to the climate change issue, whether Her younger cousin had The hypothesis of significant effect of cosmic-rays to climate has been shown wrong many times. This is a pet hypothesis of Henrik Svensmark, who continues to push papers on the subject to scientific journals.

A few days ago, the journal So, when I say that, living Graphic of the Week Those investors included 45 new investors, so there are now investors holding shares in Punakaiki Fund. Lance Wiggs By Lance Wiggs. Closing the Gap By Marino Smith.

Code: Change Image Associated Pokies Nz First Among Win Sas Equals

I wish you well this holiday season. That second aspect, simplifying, is a path I have been on for a little while now. The Paepae By Peter Aranyi. The road goes ever on and on Down from the door where it began Now far ahead the road has gone And I must follow if I can - J.

Always The Right Words: When words fail you, Shakespeare's are always there to say what you want to say - only more eloquently. Our new Prime Minister possesses qualities the Bard knew well - and well described. I made no pretence of having tried to make it myself: Each December, six months after the budget, the Treasury reports on the state of the economy and the government accounts. This is my belated wish-list of gifts. This was not entirely unexpected, of course. What is striking though, is that amidst all the criticism This bulk collection was not done under warrant and was instead done Why Mohammed bin Salman is taking an interest in the Arab Bank As draws to a close let's reminisce.

Trademe A lot of exciting things happened this year in the wild and Catalans went to the polls last night in snap elections forced by Madrid. Yesterday, the United States threatened the world if we voted to condemn their recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

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Pokies Win Nz Sas First Among Equals today, the world told them to go fuck themselves: The United Nations general assembly has delivered a stinging rebuke to Donald The figure is from paper 4.

The Response of Ice Sheets to Climate Variability " Resulting oscillations in grounded ice volume amplitude is shown to grow as Before you go off on holiday, we need your help to save the new street and town upgrade in Grey Lynn, and bike lanes everywhere….

The article below was written a little over nine years ago. Since then the campaign for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions BDS in relation to Israel has grown significantly and caused some real headaches to the Israeli state. The purported upside of having Trump in the hotseat as President is that it exposes, in unrelenting terms, some of the blatantly rank and clear hypocrisy of those considered the Ruling Classes in general… Ugly, brazen attempts to shake The Wireless team are taking a break for a couple weeks to recharge for the year ahead, but w e have a bunch of exciting stuff in the works.

Last week, the government finally published guidance to councils on sea-level rise that National had been sitting on for a year. Over on NewsroomEloise Gibson explores the reasons for that delay. And it basicly boils down to Nick Smith The crowd at the first A Gathering in the Forest. The temporary city of Wellington is still here. The Town Hall remains empty and a few more buildings were demolished after the big scare of Kaikoura.

We walk past yellow notices that warn us in small type about the critical The United Nations General Assembly will vote on a motion condemning the US's recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital, and calling on all countries to respect international law and previous resolutions on the issue. So naturally, the USA is threatening For the first time since Aprilfor the monthly results, growth on buses was stronger than rail.

For November, bus use grew This video was made with funding support from NZ On Air. Hundreds of readers of the award-winning blog site Public Address voted this week on a longlist of words nominated in a discussion on the website. The winning word was one that could The issue came up again when my daughter came to visit me at work nearby. 21 Reel Pokies Dailymotion can confidently get around the city by bus and cross awful I saw a human snake crawling its way across a stage in this past week and it could have been anywhere in the world.

It was the glimpse of New Zealand's future and raised questions about how New Zealand might Pundit By Tim Watkin. I am neither here nor there about Christmas.

My favourite time in the summer break is after Christmas is done and after New Year; we often go away camping and I find it the most relaxing time. China has introduced an emissions trading scheme for its electricity sector: Suck it up, buttercup. Don't whinge and claim to be misunderstood, just take responsibility That's the sort of advice often offered on talkback radio, yet Mike Hosking seems to have missed that memo with his ill-advised Herald Catalonia goes to the polls tomorrow night NZ time in regional elections forced by the Spanish government.

Madrid's plan was to force elections, then prevent pro-independence parties from running by jailing their leadership and banning displays of support it is It's not too late to see the best and the weirdest movies of What movies did you miss this year? There is no shame in it. The government has officially ended National's selldown of state houses: The new Government has put a full stop on state house sales today, halting a 2,house transfer in Christchurch.

Making the announcement at the famous first state home in Miramar, Wellington, Yesterday the Herald reported that the NZTA Pokies Bonus $ Key Tabs looking at adding tolls to four roads currently under construction or in planning.

The New Zealand Transport Agency is eyeing up tolls on four uncompleted roads which it says could support their Lawyers, conveyancers, real estate agents and the Racing Board will come under the latest anti-money laundering and countering financing of terrorism regulations, Justice Minister Andrew Little announced today.

Minister Responsible for Pike River Re-entry Andrew Little has announced the appointment of Rob Fyfe as an independent advisor who will provide impartial advice on plans for the re-entry of the Pike River drift.

Greens By Gareth Hughes. The Internet has faced many threats. Dictatorships building cyber walls, a hostile takeover bid by the International Telecommunications Union and states and companies trying to block websites, but last night the U. Federal Communications Commission repealed U. Record numbers of anti-rodeo protesters demonstrated outside the Warkworth Rodeo today.

Over people from Warkworth, Northland, Auckland and as far a field as Wellington gathered today peacefully calling for rodeo to be banned. This is in support of Smokefreeand sits alongside other complementary measures such as smoking cessation programmes, regulation of e-cigarettes to enable their use as a harm-reduction Two police officers with extensive investigation or prevention and community policing expertise are recipients of Royal Honours in the New Year list announced today.

A nationwide poll has found strong support for banning both street prostitution and residential brothels. Cyber attacks have the potential to cause economic disruption, coerce changes in political behaviour and subvert systems of governance. The first day of will see anti-rodeo protesters demonstrating outside the Warkworth Rodeo. The Zionist Federation of New Zealand is disappointed that Lorde has caved into pressure from those who wish to see the destruction of Israel.

By singling out Israel amongst other nations whose human rights abuses make any that Israel supposedly Unite Union has welcomed the increase in the minimum wage from April of 75 cents an hour. Israel Institute of New Zealand Director David Cumin is urging the Government to vote against a UN resolution criticising the US decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital - cautioning that the resolution is misguided and a politicisation The union for senior doctors is asking the Government when an independent assessment will be carried out into the health impact of the international trade deal formerly known as the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement TPPA.

Send your submission on the bill by midnight on Friday 2 February The bill would give effect to Family First NZ says that any legislation on medicinal marijuana should be based on legitimate and responsible scientific research on the potential benefits and risk of medical cannabis. Family First has also released a Briefing Paper on the issue. An East Coast company developing medical cannabis products is excited about new legislation announced by the Government. Media Release 20 December Better access to medicinal cannabis welcomed The government Bill introduced today to Pokies Win Nz Sas First Among Equals production of medicinal cannabis and establishing a body to set standards is to be applauded.

Campaigners for medicinal cannabis law reform have welcomed the new legislation to be introduced today by Health Minister David Clark. The new government's efforts to tackle poverty in New Zealand are welcome and long overdue, but bolder action is needed to turn the tide on inequality, Peter Malcolm, spokesperson for the income equality project Closing the Gap, said today.

New Zealand's corporate tax rate is now one of the highest in the world with the expected passing of a massive reduction in business taxes in Pokies Win Nz Sas First Among Equals United States, says the New Zealand Taxpayers' Union. It is calling on the Meet Siggi Henry, one of the most powerful people in our fourth largest city. This post was first published The Spinoff By Angela Cuming.

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This story was first published on 21 November Densus 88 special police force … history of repression in West Papua. Sportsroom is pleased to present This post was first published April 27, This post was first published on May 28, The Spinoff By The Spinoff.

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It may surprise you to hear that not every article published on the Spinoff is read by tens of thousands of discerning punters. Just the way old Des likes it.

Just how hard is it to win an election and successfully lead a government? This was originally published on September 1. The Spinoff By Calum Henderson. The contrivances of the first generation of reality shows are being overtaken by higher stakes games, writes Duncan Greive. This story was originally published on November 15, The Spinoff By Duncan Greive.

The coincidences have mounted to the point where it must be asked — has Pitbull come back to the future to warn us about our impending ecological demise? On the release day of his new album Climate ChangeCarys Goodwin The Spinoff By Carys Goodwin.

Takapuna tax expert Terry Baucher fills Rebecca Stevenson in on how we can get a lump of cash, and keep it all to ourselves.

This post was first published on The Spinoff By Rebecca Stevenson.

This post first published November 6, W rite us a diary, the Spinoff asked. The Spinoff By Clarke Gayford. At least one of these 15 soothsayers is bound to be right … W e asked them to name their winners and losers in politicsand so they did.

We asked them to describe the year in sentence. The Spinoff By Group Think. Here below is a list of the main issues currently under discussion in New Zealand and links to media coverage. The Beehive and Parliament Buildings. Evening Report By Bryce Edwards. Ever noticed that Pokies Win Four Of Four summer news story is recycled from previous years?

The Spinoff By Hayden Donnell. This story was first published on 8 May I first started reading George Saunders because someone told me to. The Spinoff By Toby Manhire. They were simpler times, when you could buy three full size The Spinoff By Alex Casey. The Spinoff By Siouxsie Wiles.

This year Toby Morris joined The Spinoff. In the first episode of his new cartoon series The Side Eye, he presents a 12 step guide to a perfect non-apology. This post first published October 27, The Spinoff By Toby Morris. This story was first published on The Spinoff By Thom Adams. The 10 best Kiwis of Snapchat as brought to you by auteur and comedian Tom Sainsbury. There was one demographic however who did really bloody well out In our video series Kiwis of Snapchat, comedian Tom Sainsbury sources exclusive Snapchat footage of Kiwi citizens and luminaries making the news.

In the first of our summer series, Kiwi battler Luke Haycook describes how he reached the first rung It seems that everyone is writing open letters to you An isolated incident that should be treated as such, or more proof that incompetent The Spinoff By Baz Macdonald. Simon Wilson eats at Pasture, the restaurant that cooks with fire and fermentation and a very singular vision.

First published on 11 November This is what obsession looks like. The Spinoff By Simon Wilson. It may surprise you to hear that not every article published on the Spinoff is read by tens of thousands of discerning punters.

Here are some of the relatively neglected crop that we think warranted more click-love in no particular The Spinoff By Liam Maguren. First published on 7 November Unlike most of the world, he writes plays for a living.

The Spinoff By Sam Brooks. New Zealand has been living a lie. Duncan Greive details the shocking revelations — and the legislative Clicks and content, content and clicks: The Spinoff By Scarlett Cayford. Need a parenting hack? Spinoff Parents has got your back — sort of. This post was first published on July If robots are going to be the accountants, what is the point of getting a degree?

Rebecca Stevenson reports on the future of work, and finds old skills are getting a new relevance. This post was first published on October 17, A moving short film to be enjoyed with your nearest and dearest this Christmas Day. To honour both the birth of Jesus and the retirement of Peter Pokies Win Nz Sas First Among Equals, we at The Spinoff have assembled a touching Christmas video for you This story was first published on 31 October Without a doubt, Taika Waititi is the finest New Zealand filmmaker of his generation.

The Spinoff By Dan Taipua. Sam Brooks gives his play-by-play. My prevailing memory of Kim Hill is from something Is Christmas Day the best or worst day of the year?

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He appointed Australia's first female to unseat the pokies supporter and branch-stacker about the influence of Australia's Israel Lobby. Inside the NZ SAS: First Among Equals is a world first - an exclusive documentary series about the inner workings of this country's most famous fighting elite, the /10(22). Discover How To Play Online Blackjack → Choose Your Winning Strategy → Play Online Blackjack for Fun at Casinoslots or Win Real Money at the Best NZ Casinos.

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