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With a little online online research, you will find the same conclusion that I did. I was looking for a reputable Superannuation Company to trust, with low fees and high investment returns just like you are. That have integrity and high level of transperancy… It took me many months of research, and hours comparing funds and fee structures to find the company I invested my hard earned Superannuation into.

  • The Guardians aim to achieve a rating of 10/10 in the quarterly rating of Sovereign Wealth Fund transparency published by the Sovereign Wealth Fund Institute. Gold Award, Australasian Reporting Awards; Winner, Governance Reporting - Public Sector, Australasian Reporting Awards; Gold Award,   Missing: pokies.
  • But BOA expects me to drive to the entrance of the constructing, get out of my car, go inside, wait in another line to make my deposit and pay a charge to take action.
  • Each year we publish an Annual Report for the Guardians and Fund. Included in this report is a Statement of Performance, which sets out how we performed against the strategic objectives set out in our Statement of Intent and annual Statement of Performance Expectations. Our Annual Reports describe how the Fund has  Missing: pokies ‎win.
  • The New Zealand Super Fund management, mission, vision and values, employment opportunities and summer internship programme. The Fund is managed by the Guardians of New Zealand Superannuation, an Auckland-based crown coinsluckyz.comg: pokies ‎win.

The challenge is to get the best return on your investment from the day you are paid that Superannuation contribution, until many years later when you actually retire. It is your money, you worked hard for it….

Most people have several different Super Accounts, because they have had several jobs in their life. Although, each account is charged huge fees, and that is just wrong. I prefer an option that I can rest assured will be there when I am I do not look at my Super annuation as a way to invest, but rather a way to ensure I have some money at that age.

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Home Search Login Menu. A-Z benefits Benefit rates Forms Income and cash asset limits. New Zealand Superannuation New Zealand Superannuation is a fortnightly payment for people aged 65 and over.

Who can get it You may get New Zealand Superannuation if you: This depends on your current circumstances. View our maximum current rates.

What you need to do when you're on a benefit If you get a benefit from us, you need to keep us up-to-date with any changes that might affect what you're entitled to or how much you get paid. Do you need to declare income? Wages deduction table You can estimate how much will be deducted from your payment if you earn wages while receiving a benefit from us.

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  1. Posts about NZ Superannuation Fund written by Frank Macskasy. Cash deficits – the bottom line after all infrastructure funding and payments to the New Zealand Superannuation Fund are made – is predicted to blow out from around $3 billion a “Our policy of partial share sales is a win-win and I stand totally behind it.:
    Councillors support sinking lid scheme to cut machine numbers across Super City. The new Auckland Super City has taken the first step towards a unified "sinking lid" on poker machine numbers across the region. The council's social and community development forum voted unanimously last night to support a sinking lid. A Kiwi investment fund heavily bankrolled by the NZ Superannuation Fund was beaten to the national convention centre contract by SkyCity. "in principle" agreement to build the centre in return for regulatory changes that would allow it to "cross-subsidise" the cost with revenue from more pokie machines. We offer free slot casinos with the best bonuses. Play vegas slots free or with real money. Always New Zealand's best selection of new pokies online!
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    DIA welcomes pokie fraud sentences. Internal Affairs has welcomed the sentences handed down in the Wellington High Court today in the multi-million dollar gaming machine fraud case. The Department's Gambling Compliance Director, Gareth Bostock said it reflects how seriously the court views the. And winners do not come much bigger than the country's sporting organisations, which received $ million in pokie grants in the six-year period Today, the ODT has revealed the New Zealand Softball Association is another organisation with apparent links to a Wellington-based bar and pokie grants.
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Those involved with the ORFU, which has been fighting off liquidation, remain tight-lipped over the union's involvement with pokies, and the New Zealand Rugby Union has also distanced itself. However, any potential breaches of the relevant obligations around gaming funding would be of concern and we would expect them to be investigated. Today, the ODT has revealed the New Zealand Softball Association is another organisation with apparent links to a Wellington-based bar and pokie grants.

In , the DIA confirmed it was investigating Southern racing clubs after a spike in pokie grants. That investigation revealed activities unlike other rorts involving sporting organisations in so far as organisations would invest funds through a third party to buy a pokie bar, with funds then flowing back to the organisation though an aligned trust.

Mr Ramsey said the country needed an accountable and transparent system "where you and I can't set up a pokie trust", and those running the machines needed to be separate from those giving the grants. I think community groups are hurting at the moment because there is such limited sources of funds available at the moment. We are definitely ready for the debate. Internal Affairs Minister Amy Adams said she was "giving consideration to" possible changes to the gambling sector.

Ms Adams said she would be "concerned if the system was being exploited. However, I am confident with the processes in place to deal with any issues. The architect of that Bill, Maori Party MP Te Ururoa Flavell, said "we ain't going to boot gambling out of Aotearoa, especially the pokie machines, so the practical solution is to try and reduce harm". The Bill proposes to minimise harm in five ways, including empowering local authorities to eliminate or reduce the number of pokies after consultation with the community and affected operators.

Mr Flavell said under the Bill racing and racing stakes money would no longer be considered an authorised "charitable" purpose under the Act. Another proposed change was a "shake-up" of the trusts involved and for funds to be returned to an area where a venue was located, and higher returns going back to the community.

Bill English — Kiwibank will stay percent New Zealand-owned. Greens will repurpose Kiwibank and save Kiwis hundreds of millions.

Kiwibank tape catches English. The Mendacities of Mr Key No More Asset Sales Kind of. If you had assessed all of those very same children again the day after they were assessed for these numbers, in the exact same conditions with the exact same measures, then you would also get a different number. I wish the media would get that very simple, but very important point. I wonder why that might be? And who do we blame for that? Nigel Latta, Facebook, 12 June Radio NZ — Nitrate proposal seen as death knell for river.

Make a number unfeasibly large; then offer a lower number, and claim that government has listened to the public. In reality it was the lower number all along that was the preferred option.

Mess up the environment and expect to lose customers and profits. For those neo-liberals and naive National supporters who advocate replacing our socialised healthcare system with privatised healthcare insurance, I present the reality,. NZ Herald — NZ private health insurance uptake hits 6-yr low. OECD — Total health expenditure per capita, public and private, At 7,, the United States spends nearly three times as much on healthcare as we do.

The only thing the USA has demonstrated is that a privatised healthcare system will result in a massive blow-out in costs and rapacious profits for shareholders. This is absolute bollocks. Fairfax Media — Ongoing jumps in health insurance costs. As has been observed by others in the past, private health insurance is relatively cheap when you are young, healthy, and make few demands for medical intervention. But with old age; increased infirmity; and heightened vulnerabilty comes increased premium payments for policy-holders.

Just when they most require increased medical services. This is the fatal flaw in private medical insurance; those who most require it, will pay the highest premiums. And pay, and pay, and pay…. NZ Herald — Jack Tame: Sickness is too expensive in the land of the free.

It has been a stain on our reputation that despite our anti-nuclear legislation, our Superannuation Fund was still investing in overseas companies engaged in producing atomic bombs and cluster munitions. Fairfax Media — Super Fund sells nuclear investments.

The other weapons we are no longer investing in is the manufacture of cluster-munitions. These vile things are the weapons-of-choice for vicious dictators and other repressive regimes which they use against their civilian population. They have been used in Syria, against unarmed civilians. Children have been killed by these monstrous devices. This included the possession, retaining, stockpiling, assistance, encouragement, or even inducement to deal with them.

Cluster Munitions Prohibition Act 17 Dec It would take a ruthless person to discount this human suffering and advocate for our continued investment in their manufacture.

As for right-wingers who dismiss investment in atomic bombs or cluster munition — go play with a cluster bomb. Did we really, really expect any one of the three Ministers who signed off on Novopay to put their hand up and admit responsibility?! ODT — Joyce to take on handling of Novopay. Ministerial Inquiry report into Novopay released. Gordon Campbell on the latest Novopay revelations. Private-sector debt and factors affecting it.

Private debt shot up like an unguided missile, into stratospheric heights. There were no limitations on our private borrowings. As a young lad in his first job, this blogger vividly recalls receiving a cheque from my then-employer, as a reimbursement of my previous super-contributions.

I recall looking at the cheque and the pitifully tiny amount it was made out for. Even as a teenager, barely politically conscious, I was uneasy that the scheme was being canned by Muldoon and wondering how we were going to pay for superannuation in the future. Businesses and industries competed with people seeking home-mortgages from banks. Second mortgages all but vanished.

Interest rates dropped, as availability of finance met local demand. However, until the growth was moderate Figure 1. Following the deregulation of financial markets, the growth of liabilities accelerated, and in the past five years has been driven by lower real interest rates and rising house prices.

Debt in the aggregate balance sheet of households. That meant we could demand more for our properties and the banks would happily comply, and borrow more from China, Japan, America, or where-ever. Key cautious over compulsory super. Gareth Morgan pointed out in May , when he criticised the futility and destructiveness of property speculation,. House prices a cancer for the economy. And it has become so entrenched in our psyche that our ability to build businesses and create wealth and employment has been numbed.

Is it all too much to think about? Australians now have more money invested in managed funds per capita than any other economy. Over the 12 months to September there was a Our Aussie cuzzies knuckled down; made hard decisions; and did the hard work. In , the Sydney Morning Herald proudly proclaimed,.

By comparison the NZ superannuation Fund — begun in — made this announcement in October ,. The Fund, which commenced investing in , was set up by the New Zealand Government to help pay for the increasing cost of universal superannuation.

It is managed by the Guardians of New Zealand Superannuation. We would have a current account surplus, one of the lowest interest-rate structures in the world and would probably rank as one of the top five OECD economies. Our entrepreneurs would have a plentiful supply of risk capital and would probably own a large number of Australian companies.

Most New Zealanders would face a comfortable retirement and would be the envy of their Australian peers. The Government would have a substantial Budget surplus and we would have one of the best educational and healthcare systems in the world. The question now is — have New Zealanders learnt enough history from to get rid of this inept, inward-looking government? Or will it be John Key — Muldoonism v. Strong support for universal KiwiSaver. Compulsory Super regret for most Kiwis. Foreign ownership shortchanging locals.

Govt eyes blind to housing crisis. Bay of Plenty Times: We cannot afford KiwiSaver. It was about appearing decisive and on-message. It was about strong leadership and confidence, reminiscent of Rob Muldoon, and Dear Leader played his part perfectly as he gave the rallying cry to his fellow MPs and Ministers.

Labour, Greens hit out at asset share plans. Damp protest shows heat gone from asset sales fire. But she also had a valid point — National was fighting back. They were on a counter-offensive on several fronts. National is desperate to sell this lemon to the public as a going concern. Kiwis encouraged to take up SOE shares. As Bill English threatened in June last year,. Treasury estimates that any loyalty scheme will end up costing taxpayers up to half a billion dollars.

To which Key was reported as saying, that the figure was,. This is disengenuous of Dear Leader. Key is shuffling figures around and quoting them to suit daily events. John Key reveals plan for asset sales. English admits his SOE figures just a guess. He advised the country that building a new convention centre in return for changing the law to allow up to additional pokie machines for Skycity , would result in up to 1, new jobs in Auckland,.

Key defends casino pokie machine deal. He said the feasibility study put the number of people who would be hired at between and Asset sales will leave Govt worse off. Unbelievable that a number of New Zealanders still believe that National is a sound manager of the economy. Conspiracy or cock-up — neither option is particularly reassuring. The ground keeps shifting, and this blogger believes it is a deliberate ploy to deny information to sales-critics and the public. On average, Treasury show a Assets returning record dividends — Greens.

State-owned power returns excessive, says English. Govt says asset sales will cut debt. Full Final Equity List — 30 June Considering that the NZ Super Fund is actually a state owned entity, selling five SOEs, whether partially or the whole damned lot , would not matter one iota. They would still be state-owned. National has an opportunity here; they literally can have their SOE Cake, and eat it. And the strangest part in all this proposal? Banks accused of undeclared donation.

This would require an amendment to existing legislation. It appears that National is seriously considering selling legislative change in return for a convention centre.

The negotiations are all being done in secret. According to the Companies Office, two government bodies have extensive share-holdings in Sky City,. There is nothing remotely ethical about investment in gambling.