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  • can anyone tell me what Comcast's NNTP server name is? I am not accessing a Comcast newsgroup - Just trying to find a server to access Microsoft news groups. And no, Comcast does not provide an nntp coinsluckyz.comg: pokies ‎win ‎nzbplanet.
  • Solved: I have been searching and searching trying to find out if Comcast has a news server and if so what the settings are but thus far I can't coinsluckyz.comg: pokies ‎win ‎nzbplanet.
  • I have Comcast 50Mbps. I had been getting full speed on Usenet last couple months. This week, I'm getting under 1 Mbps. That's right less than 1 Is Comcast blocking Usenet.
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  • Comcast is denying it, but reports from several sources claim that some Comcast customers have been told that using the software Tor is illegal and that using it is Oddly enough, in a blog post, Comcast denied that they restricted anybody using Tor and they are free to use the Xfinity Internet service to visit any website that  Missing: pokies ‎win.
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  1. The six-strikes system designed to deter illegal file downloads has been put into place by Verizon Communications, Cablevision Systems Corp, Time Warner Cable Inc., AT&T and coinsluckyz.comg: pokies ‎win ‎xfinity.:
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I left Supernews a few years ago for this very reason. I had full speed of my ISP connection for everything except Supernews even full speed to other Usenet providers. After about a month of troubleshooting, Supernews said it wasn't them and blamed my ISP and of course my ISP said they were not throttling.

My subscription expired, I switched Usenet providers, and have not had the same speed issue since. Not sure who was actually to blame, but since it has not reoccurred I don't think it was my ISP throttling. I have usenet, and supernews. I can get about 50mb down on google fiber. Both seem super fast to me. It isn't the usenet provider because you get 50Mbps on VPN. The issue is congestion between the routes used by your provider and Comcast.

It doesn't mean it's one party's "fault" although Comcast could certainly route you differently. You have not mentioned who you use, but I haven't seen the issue with Supernews and Comcast. Do a traceroute while on and off the VPN to determine what backbones are being used. In the server hosting world, using cheaper services means using Cogent, which can get congested going to Comcast. As a result, I pay for better services which are more expensive but come with other internet backbones which don't get congested.

In the short term you should see if your VPN provider allows proxying, and use that for Usenet. This is a quickie solution with minimal configuration and overhead. You'd force the connection to their server, which has a better route to both.

If you're on wifi go on ethernet. A world of difference. Was only getting 17mbps on wifi. And disable nntp filtering on your antivirus. I've been having the same issue. As soon as I switched to my providers EU server, back up to 6. Comcast has to be doing something with the traffic if I'm on a different provider and seeing the same issue. Contact your Usenet provider. It may be a routing issue. I had a similar problem witu Usenetserver a while ago, and they fixed it promptly. I'm in your boat.

I have Comcast and only get as high as 1. I'm using Astraweb and a block with cheapnews. I'm really hoping the new router will help. If you're browsing with a reasonably reliable VPN which you should be if you're downloading binaries of any kind , HTF would they know you are accessing usenet? Actually, from my understanding, this topic throttling is an area where the difference between SSL and VPNs matters very much.

With a VPN, all your traffic even non-usenet traffic goes through the encrypted, authenticated tunnel, and it "pops out" at the VPN provider could even be in another country where it is then routed to the final destination. I've deliberately kept this simplified to get the key point across, without adding a bunch of details, notes and disclaimers. There is no reason to hide traffic as there is if downloading or seeding torrents that can be easily inspected.

That was all I was getting at. The throttling issue is another matter, and probably not actual throttling. Otherwise it would be a net neutrality violation, which I really doubt Comcast wants to get into right now.

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Eu nao falo ingles. I am not a Comcast employee, I am a paying customer just like you! For information on the program click here. We ask that you post publicly so people with similar questions may benefit from the conversation. Mark it as an accepted solution! I am not a Comcast employee. I am a paying customer just like you! We ask that you post publicly so people with similar questions may benefit. Thank you for the answer. I'll give them a try, thank you. Subject Author move the cable utility pedestal in my front yard.

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