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Pokies work on the principles of "operant conditioning". The original studies on conditioning were done by B. A rat was put inside in a box without any outside stimulus. There was a lever or pedal in the box. When the rat hit the lever a small pellet of food came out like a pokie machine and coins. The rat learnt that by pressing the lever it got a treat which acted as positive reinforcement. Now came the sneaky part. If every time the rat hit the lever it got a treat, that would be the end of it - it would just hit the lever whenever it was hungry.

Enter the concept of intermittent reinforcement. Simply put, it meant that the rewards pellets were dispensed on a random schedule - sometimes the Free Spins Pokie Pokie got none, sometimes a few, sometimes a lot of pellets sounding familiar yet? The rat never knew when it was going to get a pellet so it kept pushing that lever, over and over, and over, and over, even if none came out.

This is the psychological principle that slot machines operate on and how they can work on you. Often the main graphic on the top box will feature a character with an attractive pair of eyes staring or winking right at you.

This technique is used by designers to grab your attention and pull you into the machine. Game developers design pokies to keep a rhythmic pace. Each spin carries a degree of risk for the player, but a steady tempo of clicks and music gives an illusion of predictability. A constant soothing tempo can give the player an impression that they have a degree of control over the machine when they really don't.

Dopamine is a chemical in your brain that helps to create an expectation of future rewards. Dopamine neurons light up when they spot a pattern that could lead to pleasure.

Dopamine is useful for signalling things that may be good for us. For example, dopamine levels spike if we get a surprise like an unexpected compliment from someone we like, or when we get a bite on a fishing line.

Conversely, when there are no patterns or hopes for a future reward, dopamine levels will drop and we lose interest. But pokie machines can distort our expectations.

The graphics and sounds give the impression that we are always on the verge of winning. This keeps our dopamine neurons in an artificial state of stimulation. This false sense of expectation prevents some players from stopping even though they really should. Did you know that when the brain of a pokies addict is scanned while playing a pokie machine we actually see dopamine neurons light up in the same way as a person with a cocaine addiction?

When dopamine is overstimulated, we start to crave activities that aren't always in our best interests. You can play pokies much faster than Pokies Win Nzs Delegiranje Pojam Prava types of gambling. You don't have to wait for horses to run, a dealer to shuffle or deal, or a roulette wheel to stop spinning.

As players grow in experience, there can be a tendency to increase the speed of play. However, unlike other skill based games, speed of play is not a sign of mastery. It just means you are likely to lose faster. Designers have come to realise that forcing gamblers to play faster or slower than their natural tempo creates frustration. To get around this some machines are sophisticated enough to adjust their tempos to match the player's preferred groove. Pokie machines are tailored with different graphics to appeal to different players.

Whether the theme is motor racing, farming, adventure or fantasy, the animations play like "mini movies" - pulling you into the world of the pokie machine. All games start their lives as a spreadsheet, and that's basically what you are playing.

The random number generator RNG comes up with approximately combinations per second. These generated numbers, of which there are typically between one-to-four billion possibilities, are then fed through a set of rules that converts them into stops on the microprocessor's "virtual reel".

It doesn't matter what the previous outcomes of the machine were. Each button push is completely independent of the last one. You're not the only one! Old school pokie machines had only one payline. New machines allow you to bet on more than one payline at a Pokie Machines Of War Hots.

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These paylines may run horizontally across the screen, diagonally or even in zig zags! Insome machines introduced 50 paylines. In they introduced lines! This complexity makes it difficult some would say impossible for players to keep track of the logic of winning. If you choose to play multi-lines, the odds are that the games will pay out more frequently but usually for less than the amount of the initial bet.

This gives you the sense that you are winning all the time. But are you really? Machine designers space out the buttons on the console ergonomically so that you don't even need to move your hand to push the buttons. Incidentally, this results in faster play! It may come as a surprise for some people that there are no mechanical reels spinning around the modern pokie machine. Behind the scenes is a random number generator RNG which then uses a program to map onto virtual reels.

The stops on the virtual reels are then mapped to reel graphics you see on the video screen. Many of your wins on a modern pokie machine are actually net losses.

This is enabled by multi-line betting. However, the machine is likely to celebrate that win with positive graphics and sounds. Machines commonly use positive sounding music in a major key to hold your attention. This may lift your spirits and provide an escape from negative thoughts.

With a win you're likely to hear coins dropping or people celebrating This is because game designers do not want to reinforce a loss that could cause you to rethink how much you are losing and whether or not you should continue to play. The presence of multiple machines in a venue produces a continuous chatter of winning sounds. These may condition your brain into thinking a win is on its way, even though it's just as unlikely as the last spin.

A range of buttons allow you to select the number of pay lines and the number of coins you bet on each line. These options give you an interactive experience and can give you the illusion of skill. The truth is that no combination of button pushes will increase your odds of winning. The odds of winning the top prize on a pokie machine may vary from 1 in 40 thousand to 1 in 33 million. For example, take the game Black Rhinos — if you are playing one line at a time it 3 Reel Pokies Raw Results take 6.

Each machine is programmed to take in more that it pays out. So the longer you play, the higher the chances are that you will lose. The outcome of each spin is random. So in the short term, you could take a bigger win or experience a bigger loss. The more time you spend playing, the more likely it is that your money will gradually reduce to almost zero.

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Machines are programmed to give you a feeling that there is a degree of skill involved. But in reality, there is no action you can take that will increase your odds of winning on any spin. In short, there are no techniques to trick or cheat it. To illustrate, you may have a feeling that you have control over the machine because:. Every spin is purely random.

These thoughts should not be trusted because each outcome is independent of any previous spin. A machine is no more likely to pay out the larger prize after 1, spins than it was after 10 spins. Your brain is wired to spot patterns. Normally this works in our favour because it helps us make everyday decisions. We can often spot the best waves at the beach before they break, and we can choose the best time to drive to work based on what's happened in the past.

But when playing pokies, this strength becomes our weakness. The outcome of each spin is random, meaning past spins don't have any bearing on the result of future spins. Players who are physically and psychologically comfortable will occupy their seats for longer periods of time. This encourages you to gamble for longer and risk losing more money. Ever felt like you are in the zone, where nothing else matters except for what you are doing at that very moment?

The sights, sounds and motion of a pokie machine can produce a similar effect.

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It can feel like time, space, monetary value, and social responsibilities are suspended. Many pokie players talk about getting in the zone also known as "suspended animation". The zone can be very powerful. Las Vegas casinos have recorded video footage of slot machine gamblers who continue to play, while failing to notice a man lying on the floor next to them who has had a heart attack.

Their eyes remain glued to the machines even as the man begins to receive first aid and defibrillator shocks.

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Another video shows gamblers so absorbed in play that they fail to notice rising flood waters lapping at their feet or fire alarms blaring in their ears. Pokie machines are designed to be very absorbing.

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