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Uptown Aces Casino Review. Golden Lion Casino Review. The property has three restaurants and two bars, entry is restricted to patrons above the age of Pokies Win Nzx 50 List deal marked the end of an era for Aspinall, skyline Enterprises, which controls a 41 per cent stake in the casino, had opposed SkyCitys purchase of a matching stake from Aspinall earlier in As part of his resistance to the deal, Mr.

Thomas had refused to cooperate over due diligence, skyline had attempted to purchase the 41 per cent stake from Aspinall but had been rebuffed. Skyline Enterprises chairman Barry Thomas had objected to the SkyCity purchase on the basis that it gave SkyCity an interest in five out of six New Zealand casinos, the deal was Pokies Big Red Predator Action approved by both the Casino Control Authority and the Commerce Commission.

In clearing SkyCitys application, the Commerce Commission said that the deal would not substantially restrict competition in the Auckland, Christchurch, the acquisition was motivated in part by the Gambling Act which outlaws the opening of any new casinos in New Zealand.

Slot machine — A slot machine, informally fruit machine, puggy, the slots, poker machine or simply slot, is a casino gambling machine with three or more reels which spin when a button is pushed. Many modern machines are Free Spins Pokie Puffs With Vicks with a legacy lever in addition to the button. Slot machines include a currency detector that validates the money inserted to play, the machine pays off according to patterns of symbols visible on the front of the machine when it stops.

Modern computer technology has resulted in variations on the slot machine concept, Slot machines are the most popular gambling method in casinos and constitute about 70 percent of the average US casinos income. The slot machine term derives from the slots on the machine for inserting and retrieving coins, fruit machine comes from the traditional fruit images on the spinning reels, such as lemons and cherries. It contained five drums holding a total of 50 card faces and was based on poker and this machine proved extremely popular and soon many bars in the city had one or more of the machines.

Players would insert a nickel and pull a lever, which would spin the drums and the cards they held, the player hoping for a good poker hand. To make the better for the house, two cards were typically removed from the deck, the ten of spades and Pokies Win Nzx 50 List jack of hearts. The drums could also be rearranged to further reduce a players chance of winning, the bell gave the machine its name.

Three bells in a row produced the biggest payoff, ten nickels, Liberty Bell was a huge success and spawned a thriving mechanical gaming device industry. Even when the use of these devices was banned in his home state after a few years.

The Liberty Bell machine was so popular that it was copied by many slot machine manufacturers, thus inmanufacturer Herbert Mills from Chicago produced a slot machine called the Operator Bell. By lots of bell machines were installed in most cigar stores, saloons, bowling alleys, brothels, early machines, including an Liberty Bell, are now part of the Nevada State Museums Fey Collection. Other early machines, such as the trade stimulator, gave out winnings in the form of fruit-flavoured chewing gums with pictures of the flavours as symbols on the reels, the popular cherry and melon symbols derive from this machine.

In these cases, a mint vending machine was declared to be a device because by chance the machine would occasionally give the next user a number of tokens exchangeable for more candy. Despite the fact that the result of the next use would be displayed on the machine, the courts ruled that he appealed to the players propensity to gamble. It is metres tall, as measured from ground level to the top of the mast, making it the tallest freestanding structure in the Southern Hemisphere and it has become an iconic landmark in Aucklands skyline due to its height and unique design.

The tower is part of the SkyCity Auckland casino complex, originally built in — for Harrahs Entertainment, several upper levels are accessible to the public, attracting an average of 1, visitors per day.

There is also a brasserie-style buffet located one floor above the main observatory level and it has three observation decks at different heights, each providing degree views of the city.

The main observation level at m has 38 mm thick sections of flooring giving a view straight to the ground.

The top observation deck labeled Skydeck sits just below the antenna at m. The tower also features the SkyJump, a metre jump from the observation deck, the jump is guide-cable-controlled to prevent jumpers from colliding with the tower in case of wind gusts. Climbs into the antenna mast portion are also possible for tour groups, the tower is also used for telecommunications and broadcasting with the Auckland Peering Exchange being located on Level The aerial at the top of the hosts the largest FM combiner in the world which combines with 58 wireless microwave links located above the top restaurant to provide a number of services.

These include television, wireless internet, RT, and weather measurement services, a total of twenty-three FM radio stations and six digital terrestrial television multiplexes broadcast from the tower.

Two VHF analogue television channels broadcasting from the tower were switched off in the hours of Sunday 1 December as part of New Zealands digital television transition. Taking two years and nine months to construct, the tower was opened on 3 Augustthe tower is constructed of high-performance reinforced concrete. Its metre diameter shaft is supported on eight legs based on 16 foundation piles drilled over 12 m deep into the local sandstone, the main shaft was built using climbing formwork.

The upper levels were constructed from composite materials, structural steel, precast concrete and reinforced concrete, a structural steel framework supports the upper mast structure. During construction 15, cubic metres of concrete,2, tonnes of reinforcing steel, the mast weighs over tonnes.

It had to be lifted into place using an attached to the structure. Situated on the Timor Sea, Darwin is the largest city in the sparsely populated Northern Territory and it is the smallest and most northerly of the Australian capital cities, and acts as the Top Ends regional centre. The city itself is built on a low bluff overlooking the harbour and its suburbs spread out over some area, beginning at Lee Point in the north and stretching to Berrimah in the east.

Past Berrimah, the Stuart Highway goes on to Darwins satellite city, Palmerston, the Darwin region, like the rest of the Top End, has a tropical climate, with a wet and a dry season. Prone to cyclone activity during the wet season, Darwin experiences heavy monsoonal downpours, during the dry season, the city is met with blue skies and gentle sea breezes from the harbour.

The greater Darwin area is the home of the Larrakia people. On 9 SeptemberHMS Beagle sailed into Darwin harbour during its surveying of the area, John Clements Wickham named the region Port Darwin in honour of their former shipmate Charles Darwin, who had sailed with them on Microgaming Pokies Qvc Outlet ships previous voyage which had ended in October The settlement there became the town of Palmerston inand was renamed Darwin in The city has been almost entirely rebuilt four times, following devastation caused by the cyclone, the cyclone, Japanese air raids during World War II, the Aboriginal people of the Pokies Win Nzx 50 List language Pokie Review Notes Sample are the traditional custodians and the first inhabitants of the greater Darwin area.

They had trading routes with Southeast Asia, and imported goods from as far afield as South, established songlines penetrated throughout the country, allowing stories and histories to be told and retold along the routes. The extent of shared songlines and history of multiple groups within this area is still contestable. The Dutch visited Australias northern coastline in the s and landed on the Tiwi Islands only to be repelled by the Tiwi peoples, the Dutch created the first European maps of the area.

In South Australia sent B. Finniss north as Government Resident to survey, Finniss chose a site at Escape Cliffs, near the entrance to Adelaide River, about 60 km northeast of the modern city.

This attempt was short-lived, however, and the settlement abandoned Pokies Big Win Memeon 5 FebruaryGeorge Goyder, the Surveyor-General of South Australia, established a small settlement of people at Port Darwin between Fort Hill and the escarpment. Goyder named the settlement Palmerston, after the British Pokies Win Nzx 50 List Minister Lord Palmerston, inthe first poles for the Overland Telegraph were erected in Darwin, connecting Australia to the rest of the world.

Northern Territory — The Northern Territory is a federal Australian territory in the central and central northern regions of Australia. It shares borders with Western Australia to the west, South Australia to the south, to the north, the territory is bordered by the Timor Sea, the Arafura Sea and the Gulf of Carpentaria. Despite its large area—over 1, square kilometres, the Northern Territorys population ofmakes it the least populous of Australias eight major states and territories, having fewer than half as many people as Tasmania.

The archaeological history of the Northern Territory begins over 40, years ago when Indigenous Australians settled the region, makassan traders began trading with the indigenous people of the Northern Territory for trepang from at least the 18th century onwards. The coast of the territory was first seen by Europeans in the 17th century, the British were the first Europeans to attempt to settle the coastal regions.

After three failed attempts to establish a settlement, success was achieved in with the establishment of a settlement at Port Darwin. The population is not concentrated in regions but rather along the Stuart Highway. The other major settlements are Palmerston, Alice Springs, Katherine, Nhulunbuy, residents of the Northern Territory are often known simply as Territorians and fully as Northern Territorians, or more informally as Top Enders and Centralians.

With the coming of the British, there were four attempts to settle the harsh environment of the northern coast. It was part of South Australia from tounder the administration of colonial South Australia, the overland telegraph was constructed between and A railway was built between Palmerston and Pine Creek between and The economic pattern of raising and mining was established so that by there werecattle.

On 1 Januarya decade after federation, the Northern Territory was separated from South Australia, alfred Deakin opined at this time To me the question has been not so much commercial as national, first, second, Pokies Win Nzx 50 List and last. Either we must accomplish the peopling of the territory or submit to its transfer to some other nation.

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In late there was growing sentiment that the name Northern Territory was unsatisfactory, the names Kingsland, Centralia and Territoria were proposed with Kingsland becoming the preferred choice in It is the seat and most populous city of the Waikato region with a population ofInitially an agricultural centre, Hamilton now has a growing and diverse economy and is the third fastest growing urban area in New Zealand, behind Pukekohe.

Magistrate Gorst, estimated that Kirikiriroa had a population of about 78 before the Waikato Kingitanga wars of —64, the government estimated the Waikato area had a Maori population of 3, at Pokies Big Red Transport same time. Missionaries arrived in the area in the s, at the end of the Waikato Campaign in the New Zealand wars the four regiments of the Waikato Militia were settled as a peace-keeping force across the region.

Much of the land was swampy or under water, in Hamiltons population, which was about 1, inPokies Bonus $ Growth Quotes to as farmers left. The road from Auckland reached Hamilton in and the railway in December and that same month, the towns of Hamilton West and Hamilton East merged under a single borough council. The first traffic bridge between Hamilton West and Hamilton East, known as the Union Bridge, opened in and it was replaced by the Victoria Bridge in The first railway bridge, the Claudelands Bridge, was opened in and it was converted to a road traffic bridge in Hamilton reached Pokies Big Winners Yellow Pages, people inand the town of Frankton merged with the Hamilton Borough inbetween andHamilton expanded with new land in Claudelands, Maeroa, and Richmond — modern day Waikato Hospital and northern Melville.

Hamilton was proclaimed a city infrom MV Waipa Delta provided excursions along the river through the town centre. In Waipa Delta was moved to provide trips on Waitemata Harbour in Auckland and that too ceased operation and the pontoon at Parana Park was removed in The Delta moved to Taupo inthe former Golden Bay vessel, Cynthia Dew, has run 4 days a week on the river since On 10 March a statue was erected in honour of Captain John Charles Fane Hamilton, Hamiltons population growth has been rapid in recent decades — Hamilton Central, on the Waikato River, is a bustling retail precinct.

The entertainment area is quite vibrant due to the student population. It then drains Taupo at the northeastern edge, creates the Huka Falls.

The present course of the river was formed about 17, years ago. Contributing factors were climate warming, forest being reestablished in the river headwaters, the channel was gradually eroded as far up river as Piarere, leaving the old Hinuera channel high and dry. The remains of the old river path can be seen at Hinuera where the cliffs mark the ancient river edges.

The Tainui iwi was advised not to bring a case for the river before the Waitangi Tribunal as they would not win, waikato-Tainui now have joint management of the river with Environment Waikato. It is possible that the flowed through the Waikato Basin about a million years ago before returning to its Hinuera course.

After the huge Oruanui eruption 27, years ago pumice was showered all over the North Island to a thickness of metres, a new lake was formed—Lake Taupo.

The water built up until a new outlet was forced metres above the present level near Waihora Bay, over the next few thousand years the bed of the river was raised by large amounts of eruption debris. The water level dropped quickly and the river stayed in this new course through the Maungatautari gorge, deposits show that the Waikato River was already in the Waikato Basin 21, years ago.

The river starts as small streams on the eastern slopes of Mount Ruapehu. The Mangatoetoenui Glacier is one of the principal sources, the southernmost tributary is called the Upper Waikato Stream. The Waipakihi River joins the Waikato from the Kaimanawa Mountains to the west, from the point where the river meets the Waihohonu Stream, down to Lake Taupo, it has been formally named the Tongariro River since The Pouto River joins from Lake Rotoaira to the east, the Tongariro flows northward, with State Highway 1 in parallel, through the town of Turangi, and into the southern side of Lake Taupo.

All public gambling is expected to return a portion of profits to the community, the largest proportion of the gambling industry is operated by state-owned institutions. From then until the introduction of the Totalizator Agency Board inthe first Art Union was conducted in New Zealand by the Otago Art Society in DecemberBoth Pokies Win Nzx 50 List and organizations subsequently used them as a way of raising funds. The first national lotteries were established in and they were known as Art Unions.

Prizes were relatively small, and in the early Art Unions the prizes were quantities of alluvial gold. The low returns tempted many people to purchase tickets in overseas lotteries such as the Australian Tattersalls lottery. With Art Union sales declining, a review of lotteries was undertaken by the Second Labour Government in the late s, the New Zealand Lotteries Commission was established in Its original product, Lotto, has since been supplemented by Instant Kiwi scratch cards, daily Keno, Lotto tickets became available online in The Totalizator Agency Board, commonly called the TAB, is a sports betting organisation run by the New Zealand Racing Board, introduced inslot machines, commonly known as pokies, are operated by charitable foundations and are mostly placed in hotels and bars.

Pokies accounted for There were 19, machines in 1, venues operated by licensees, all of these figures being a decrease from Since 1 Julyall machines must have Player Information Displays, which inform the gambler how long they have been playing, how much they have lost, a study linked the prevalence of slot machines with high crime levels.

Its main circulation area is the Auckland region and it is also delivered to much of the north of the North Island including Northland, Waikato and King Country. In the United Press Association was formed so that the daily papers could share news stories.

From she wrote a business and politics column until — after a series of articles critical of the Key government — the Herald discontinued her column due to financial reasons. Gordon Minhinnick was a staff cartoonist from the s until his retirement in the s, malcolm Evans was fired from his position as staff cartoonist in after the newspaper received complaints about his cartoons on the conflict between Israel and Palestine.

Laurence Clark was the political cartoonist from to On 10 Septemberthe Herald moved to a format for weekday editions. The broadsheet format was retained Pokies Win Nzx 50 List the Saturday edition, in AprilAPN NZ announced it was outsourcing the bulk of the Heralds copy editing to an Australian-owned company, Pagemasters.

The Herald is traditionally a centre-right newspaper, and was given the nickname Granny Herald into the s, on domestic matters, editorial opinion is centrist, usually supporting socially conservative values.

Inan editorial strongly disapproved of some legislation introduced by the Labour-led government, the Herald published Baileys name, photo, and comments after she had retracted permission for Glucina to do so. It comprises the 50 biggest stocks by market capitalisation trading on the New Zealand Stock Market. New Zealand is situated some 1, kilometres east of Australia across the Tasman Sea and roughly 1, kilometres south of the Pacific island areas of New Caledonia, Fiji, because of its remoteness, it was one of the last lands to be settled by humans.

During its long period of isolation, New Zealand developed a distinct biodiversity of animal, fungal, the countrys varied topography and its sharp mountain peaks, such as the Southern Alps, owe much to the tectonic uplift of land and volcanic eruptions. Since the s, New Zealand has transformed from an agrarian, Queen Elizabeth II is the countrys head of state and is represented by a governor-general.

In addition, New Zealand is organised into 11 regional councils and 67 territorial authorities for local government purposes, the Realm of New Zealand also includes Tokelau, the Cook Islands and Niue, and the Ross Dependency, which is New Zealands territorial claim in Antarctica. Early European maps labelled the islands North, Middle and South, inmaps began to use North and South to distinguish the two largest islands and bythis was the accepted norm.

Based in Auckland, the airline operates scheduled flights to 21 domestic and 31 international destinations in 19 countries around the Pacific rim. TEAL became wholly owned by the New Zealand government inthe airline served international routes untilwhen the government merged it and the domestic New Zealand National Airways Corporation into a single airline under the Air New Zealand name.

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Air New Zealand was privatised inbut returned to majority government ownership in after near bankruptcy due to the tie up with Australian carrier Ansett Australia. In the financial year to June, Air New Zealand carried It was the last airline to circumnavigate the world with flights to Heathrow via both Los Angeles and via Hong Kong, the latter ended in March when Air New Zealand stopped Hong Kong — London flights, in favour of a code sharing deal with Cathay Pacific.

The airlines main hub is Auckland Airport, located near Mangere in the part of the Auckland urban area.

The DCs introduced the new koru-inspired logo for the airline, which remains to this day, inthe domestic airline National Airways Corporation and its subsidiary Safe Air were merged Pokies Bonus $ Rapper Drake Air New Zealand to form a single national airline, further expanding the carriers operations.

TE continued to be used for flights and NZ for domestic flights until InAir New Zealand introduced its first Boeing airliner, the five s owned by Air New Zealand were all named after ancestral Maori canoes. Australia and New Zealand Banking Group — Australian operations make up the largest part of ANZs business, with commercial and retail banking dominating.

It has been aggressive in its expansion into the markets of China, Vietnam. As part of the alliance, ANZ will provide technical assistance in the areas of risk management and retail. It also negotiated a deal with Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank. As of Septemberthe company had a total of 1, branches worldwide, inANZ adopted less aggressive approach to expansion in the Asia-Pacific region after low returns. At the end of October ANZ announced the sale of its Asian retail and wealth management operations to the Development Bank of Singapore, ANZ have been progressively increasing work output from offshore offices.

Auckland Airport — Auckland Airport is the largest and busiest airport in New Zealand, with 16, passengers in the year ended December The airport is located near Mangere, a suburb and Airport Oaks. The airport is the fourth busiest in Australasia after Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane airports, aroundthe airport was rated in the top 3 worldwide for airports handling 5—15 million passengers annually.

It was also voted the 12th best airport in the world in at the Skytrax World Airport Awards and it has a capacity of about 45 flight movements per hour, using a single runway which is fully Cat IIIb capable. In November work began on a new runway, to be built in several stages and to be used mainly by smaller aircraft.

The timing of the recommencement of construction of the runway will be demand driven relative to the capacity of the existing runway. The expected completion date for the runway is now The site of the airport was first used as an airfield by the Auckland Aero Club, inthe club leased some land from a dairy farmer to accommodate the Pokies Win Nzx 50 List three De Havilland Gypsy Moths.

The club president noted at the time that the site has many advantages of vital importance for an aerodrome and it has good approaches, is well drained and is free from power lines, buildings and fogs. Prior to rebuilding, this was known as Mangere Aerodrome, in work started to transform the site into Aucklands main airport, taking over from Whenuapai in the north-west of the city.

The airport was opened the following year, with a grand air pageant on Auckland Anniversary weekend,29 January to 31 January A new international terminal, Pokies Win Nzx 50 List after Jean Batten, was built inprior to this, all flights used what is now the domestic terminal. Inthe terminal was altered, separating arriving and departing passengers.

After the work was completed, the temporary runway reverted to taxiway alpha, inconstruction began on a second runway to the north of the current one.

Chorus Limited — Chorus is a provider of telecommunications infrastructure throughout New Zealand. The company Pokies Winner Loser Bracket demerged from Telecom New Zealand inas a condition of winning the majority of the contracts for the Governments Ultra-Fast Broadband Initiative, by law, it cannot sell directly to consumers, instead it provides wholesale services to retailers.

Most of the infrastructure in New Zealand is owned by Chorus. The copper loop is unbundled, so operators like Vodafone and Vocus can install their own equipment at telephone exchanges, as of December , lines are unbundled. Telecom created Chorus as a business unit in InChorus won most of the contracts for the UFB fibre network, a condition of the contracts is that Chorus be demerged into a separate company.

This was recommended unanimously by the Telecom board of directors and approved by Official website Chorus network upgrade map. Contact originated with the partitioning of the Electricity Corporation of New Zealand inContact was incorporated on 8 November and became a state owned enterprise on 18 Free Pokies Downloads Indian Dreaming InContact and Genesis Energy set up a joint venture project called Gasbridge to import LNG and their proposed terminal at Port Taranaki was highly controversial, and the plan was shelved in favour of an offshore terminal plan in mid Contact and Origin Energy have developed a gas facility at the depleted Ahuroa reservoir in Taranaki.

InContact announced it would not proceed with hydro developments on the Clutha River, at Queensbury, Luggate, Tuapeka, in Junethe Taheke joint venture made the decision Pokies Win Nzx 50 List delay the development of the Taheke Geothermal field due to market conditions.

The company was split from Fletcher Challenge informerly New Zealands largest business, with around 20, employees globally and over 34 business units operating under the Fletcher Building banner, the company is Australasias largest building materials supplier. Mark Adamson has been the executive since 1 October In New Zealand, as in most Western countries, dairy co-operatives have long been the main structure in the industry.

By the late s, there were four co-operatives, the Waikato-based New Zealand Dairy Group, Fonterra effectively has monopsony control of the New Zealand domestic and export dairy industry.

Its core business consists of exporting dairy products under the NZMP brand and it also operates a fast-moving consumer goods business for dairy products, Fonterra Brands.

Fonterra has a number of subsidiaries and joint-venture companies operating in markets around the world, also in the company made moves towards purchasing Australian companies Dairy Farmers and National Foods. InUS embassy cables leaked by Wikileaks suggested New Zealand had only sent troops Pokies Win Nzx 50 List Iraq infollowing the initial invasion, Pokie Tournaments Rubiks Cube 1000000x1000000 aim was to give more access to funds for global growth.

Praised by some as a move which would allow better access to outside capital. Despite including a range of safeguards, farmers were concerned at the risk of losing control. A key goal of the structure changes was to stop large amounts of money washing in.

Under the previous structure, farmers matched their shareholding with their production by owning one co-operative share for each kilogram of milksolids produced annually.

If their milk production dropped in any season, they could redeem shares back to the co-operative, consequently, Fonterra faced the risk of losing large amounts of share capital through redemptions during times of declining milk production.

It also inherited the retail arms of Powerco, Central Power and Wairarapa Electricity, while Powerco, during to Genesis Energy purchased several electricity and gas retailing entities, following changes to laws governing the electricity industry.

Genesis Energy owns and operates a portfolio of assets that includes hydroelectic, thermal. Genesis Energy operates three hydroelectic generating stations on the Tongariro Power Scheme — Rangipo Tokaanu and Mangaio, the company also operates the Lake Waikaremoana hydro scheme including the Tuai, Kaitawa and Piripaua stations. The first of the four coal-fired units at the Huntly Power Station was taken out of service in latea second unit was placed into long-term storage in December and permanently retired in June The company also operates the Hau Nui windfarm in the North Island, Genesis Energy has resource consents for a wind farm at Castle Fruit Machines Pokie World Market km north-east of Masterton in the northern Wairarapa.

It is planning up to turbines over a 30 km2 area, with an installed capacity of up to MW. It is 15 km east of Wyndham, Genesis Energy has not yet applied for resource consents. Genesis Energy began its Schoolgen programme in to teach students about solar power, the Schoolgen program has created extensive teaching resources, including eBooks that are free for any school in New Zealand. It has also provided 92 New Zealand schools with either a 2,4 or 6 kilowatt photovoltaic solar panel system, the largest solar array on a Schoolgen school is 16 kilowatts on Vauxhall School in Auckland.

In Julythe organisation was renamed to its present name, as of Septemberthe Group had properties under management in 16 countries and 69 active developments underway. Heartland Bank — Heartland Bank is a New Zealand-based bank that was created in through the merger of four financial organisations to obtain national coverage and obtained its banking licence in It provides retail banking services, lending, livestock and seasonal financing, home and vehicle loans and insurance services, Heartland Building Society became a registered bank on 17 December but its component parts had a long history in New Zealand with roots stretching back to Heartland was created from the merger of CBS Canterbury, Southern Cross, MARAC, the rationale for the merger was to create financial institution that had national coverage and enough assets and resources to get a full banking licence.

Heartland Banks Pokies Win Nzx 50 List Office is located in the Auckland suburb of Newmarket, in FebruaryHeartland has moved into the Reverse Mortgage market, offering home owners the ability to borrow against the equity in their home without interest payments charged up front. Infratil — Infratil Limited is a New Zealand-based infrastructure investment company.

It owns airports, electricity generators and retailers, and a transport business, with operations in New Zealand. Infratil was founded by the late Lloyd Morrison, a Wellington-based merchant banker, morrisons company, H. Infratil was one of the worlds first listed infrastructure funds when it was established and listed on the New Zealand Exchange in and its first investment was a minority stake in Trustpower.

Kathmandu company — Kathmandu Holdings Limited is a transnational chain of retail stores, selling travel and adventure outdoor apparel and equipment. Kathmandu is a retailer of clothing and equipment for travel and adventure in New Zealand, Australia. The company set up its first retail outlets in Australia whilst manufacturing most of its original clothing range in New Zealand.

Kathmandu was listed on the Australian and New Zealand stock exchanges in Novemberfrom onwards, Kathmandu is the new naming right sponsor for the Coast to Coast race in New Zealand. Mainfreight — Mainfreight Limited is a listed-New Zealand logistics and transport company headquartered in Auckland. InBruce Plested partnered with Neil Graham, with Mr Graham taking over the running of the business, when the company was founded it entered a highly regulated transport market.

A licence from New Zealand Railways Corporation was Pokies Win Nzx 50 List to carry freight over km, when deregulation of land transport occurred in OctoberMainfreight quickly took advantage of the opportunities presented and won a large share of the freight market. The firms Australian domestic freight and logistics division, Mainfreight Distribution, began operations in and this operation was expanded with depots in Melbourne and Brisbane. It now has nine company depots in Australia and relies on agents and third parties in the Northern Territory, Tasmania, Mainfreight International was Mainfreights first international sea and airfreight business and was started in by Bruce Plesteds brother Gerald.

They established agencies in the days with Australian, Pacific Island and United States freight forwarders. InMainfreight acquired Target Logistics, a U. The acquisition will extend Mainfreights existing Australian operations by 6 branches, in Mainfreight bought Owens Group Limited, one of New Zealands largest trucking firms.

This takeover was in response to the purchase of Tranz Rail by Australian transport firm Toll Holdings, with the takeover of the Owens Group in they purchased Owens International Australia. The lawsuit claimed that Wim Bosman, the owner, had prior knowledge of a large client, Giant Bicycles. Mainfreight also renamed Wim Bosman branches in the countries France, Poland, Russia, inMainfreight acquired Australian freight forwarder ISS Express lines, subsequently establishing an Australian international freight business.

The transaction was completed on the 6th of JuneTarget operate domestic and international time sensitive freight forwarding and logistics services through its wholly owned subsidiary, Target Logistic Services, Inc.

Target has offices in 35 cities throughout the United States and a network of agents in over 70 countries. Mercury Energy — Mercury Energy is a New Zealand electricity generation and electricity retailing company.

In but after the Auckland power crisis Mercury Energys electricity retailing division was sold to Mighty River Power, Mighty River Powers retailing division continued the former trading name Mercury Energy.

The electricity distribution business, Mercury Energy Limited, changed its name to Vector Limited and continued the distribution and transmission operation, Mighty River Power was established on 1 Aprilwhen the reform of the electricity sector took effect.

The Electricity Corporation of New Zealand was broken up into three state-owned generating companies - Mighty River Power, Genesis Energy and Meridian Energy, in addition, the reforms forced the separation between lines and supply. On 1 AprilMercury Energy, then the lines and supply company for Auckland. Mighty River Power inherited Mercury Energys retail base and its share in the Southdown Power Station, Mercury Energy then became the name of Mighty Rivers retail business, and the sub-transmission and distribution business of Mercury Energy was renamed Vector.

InMighty River purchased into the Rotokawa geothermal power station, to operate and maintain the station, also that year, Mighty River Power commissioned the Mokai geothermal power station in a joint venture with the Tuaropaki Trust.

InMighty River announce plans to refurbish the Marsden B plant to fire it Pokies Big Red Balloon Lyrics coal to supply security north of Auckland.

Marsden B had been mothballed since it was completed in due to rising oil prices following the oil crisis, Mighty River appealed the High Court decision to the Court of Appeal, but in March dropped the proposal. Init opened the MW Nga Awa Purua geothermal station near Taupo, Mighty River Power was to be the first company to be partially sold in Septemberpursuant to legislative changes and market conditions. However, threatened legal action and unfavourable market conditions saw the government delay any sale until March at the earliest, the Government began taking registrations of interest from the public in Mighty River Power shares on 5 March More than 35, people tried to register in the first six hours, by midnight, Novomatic Pokies Female Dog than 90, people had registered.

At the close of the IPO on 5 May, there wereshareholders, the government retained Meridian originated from the break-up of the Electricity Corporation of New Zealand in as a result of the reforms of the New Zealand Electricity Market, in it was partially privatised by the fifth National Government of New Zealand.

As part of reforms, local electricity companies were split into lines and retail and these stations linked with dams used primarily for irrigation, and have a total generating capacity of 62 MW. September — Meridian purchased the South Island customer-base of Natural Gas Corporation, the purchase came towards the end of an exceptionally dry autumn.

Low hydro-levels had driven the wholesale market prices to very high levels. OnEnergy found itself with insufficient generation capacity to stand the high market prices. It attempted to raise its prices, but its customers then flocked to other retailers. Finally, after suffering losses, NGC had perforce to quit the retail sector. At that point the New Zealand electricity market became further vertically integrated, April — Meridian extended its operations in Australia with the purchase of Southern Hydro, increasing its Australian generating capacity by MW.

Southern Hemisphere Winter — Low hydro inflows and storage levels again resulted in wholesale market spot prices. As a consequence, the retailers TrustPower and Freshstart abandoned market areas where they had no generation and this strengthened Meridians dominance of the South Island customer-base. Successful application for consent for the project was announced on 21 December Meridian had steadily expanded and upgraded its assets in Australia since purchase, the sale commanded a hefty premium, driven by new demand for renewable energy-generation because of mandatory Australian requirements that electricity retailers sell a proportion of renewable energy.

Construction of the began in A second Pokies Win Nzx 50 List oil shock inthis due to the Iranian revolution. This proved to be a catalyst for expansion of the refinery. An inquiry into the strikes and the reactions to them followed. Inthe shut down for five months for maintenance work on the old refinery.

It was cheaper to import refined petroleum than it was to process it at Marsden Point, following the election of the reformist Fourth Labour Government inPokies Win Nzx 50 List Petroleum Sector Reform Act was introduced. This Act deregulated the industry, with 1, workers expected to lose their jobs. A major efficiency drive was launched to cut operating costs, the refinery uses a medium-sour blend of crude oil, nearly all of which is imported.

Most crude oil produced in New Zealand is Pokies Win Nzx 50 List and is exported to refineries in Australia, Marsden Point produces 70 per cent of New Zealands refined oil needs, with the rest being imported from Singapore, Australia and South Korea. It is the largest port in the country both in terms of cargo volume, and in terms of container throughput with container volumes exceedingTEUs.

The port is operated by Port of Tauranga Ltd and this article is about both the company and the port itself. The port is located in a natural harbour protected by Mount Maunganui and Matakana Island, as of the Port of Tauranga employs permanent staff and 25 casual staff. The first ship, the MV Korowai berthed at the new wharf on 5 December- Mount Maunganui Branch relaid with heavy track and reopened on 28 Marchfor paper and timber products from Kawerau.

Restaurant Brands operates and owns the master franchising rights for the Carls Jr. KFC, Pizza Hut, Restaurant Brands operates most of New Zealands stores for the brands they own rights to and provides management and support services to New Zealands independent franchisees of the remaining stores.

InRestaurant Brands shares jumped 9. The first Starbucks store was opened in Parnell, Auckland and there are now 26 stores nationwide, Pizza Hut entered the New Zealand market in Septemberwith the opening of its first restaurant in New Lynn, Auckland.

Pizza Hut was acquired by Restaurant Brands in from PepsiCo, after the acquisition Restaurant Brands completely changed Pizza Hut from a dine-in business to a home delivery and takeaway operation. This was achieved by acquiring and rebranding the Eagle Boys chain, the first Eagle Boys store was converted to a Pizza Hut in June and the last store was converted just 13 weeks later.

The majority are now home delivery and takeaway outlets, Pizza Hut commenced selling a number of its smaller regional stores to independent franchisees in InRestaurant Brands acquired the New Zealand franchise for Carls Jr, the brand commenced rolling out stores in late and now has nearly 20 stores in operation.

In Restaurant Brands expanded its operations overseas with the acquisition of 52 Pizza Hut stores in Victoria, Australia, the Victorian operation ultimately proved unsuccessful, with Restaurant Brands exiting the Australian market entirely by early Rumours of Taco Bell being introduced to the New Zealand market by Restaurant Brands began to surfacce ininRestaurant Brands hinted at the possibility of further expanding and introducing Taco Bell to New Zealand, saying it could be achieved within the next year or two.

Air conditioning the primary List 50 Nzx Win Pokies means

It is also a wholesale channel provider to New Zealand cable television provider Vodafone and terrestrial pay television service Igloo, on 31 DecemberSky hadsubscribers, making it the largest pay television platform in New Zealand. These included viewer acceptance of subscriber television and it faced difficulty in educating retailers and customers on the use of the original decoders.

However, this problem was eased with the introduction of easier-to-use decoders that allowed greater viewer flexibility, Sky originally launched in early as an analogue UHF service. Subscribers required UHF set top box and UHF aerial both of which were supplied by when joining Sky, the signal was sent with the picture scrambled, the decoder was used to unscramble the picture.

Discovery Channel broadcast on an already used by Trackside. Orange broadcast from 4 pm onwards each day with Juice TV screening outside of Oranges broadcast hours, Cartoon Network shared the same channel as Orange from to screening between 6 am and 4 pm with Orange screening after 4 pm. InCartoon Network was replaced with Nickelodeon, later, funding allowed Sky to extend its coverage throughout most of New Zealand, Inthe company expanded to Rotorua, Wellington and Christchurch. Following the launch of the satellite service inSky began reducing services on the UHF platform.

Sky used a portion of the freed up UHF and radio spectrum to launch its joint venture, Igloo, the remaining unused spectrum was relinquished back to the Government and will be recycled to support new broadcasting ventures. It has operated as a publicly traded company sinceSpark is one of the largest companies by value on the New Zealand Exchange. Telecom New Zealand was formed in from a division of the New Zealand Post Office and this separation effectively ended any remnants of monopoly that Telecom Retail once had in the market.

In the demerger process was complete, with Telecom and Chorus becoming separate listed companies, on 8 Augustthe company changed its name to Spark New Zealand. Around the same time, the Kiwi Share agreement was drawn up, also inClear Communications entered the New Zealand telecommunications market and so was the first network to compete with Telecom. Also in this year, Roderick Deane was appointed CEO of the company, Clear Communications reached an agreement with Telecom in on local service interconnection.

In Telecom established an exchange in the United States for international traffic, and launched Xtra. Telecoms broadband Internet service based on ADSL technology, called JetStream, was launched, also at this time, Telecom began charging customers who connected to the Internet using a local dial up number, forcing all ISPs in New Zealand to change to an dial up number. This Pokies Win Nzx 50 List in complaints that this was in breach of Telecoms Kiwishare Agreement where residential customers are allowed free local calling, the decade was rounded off with Theresa Gattung being appointed new CEO of Telecom, with Rod Deane moving to the position of chairman.

Evidence emerged in early of Telecom having exploited Pokies Win Nzx 50 List ill-considered, or fraudulently made to order and this standard required holding companies to incorporate profits and losses of associate companies into their group accounts by way of equity accounting except when the associate is insolvent.

In the New Zealand Government provided the capital for the creation of the New Zealand Government Life Insurance Department and it became TOWER Corporation in at a time when several New Zealand government departments and organisations were being corporatized or converted into state owned enterprises.

Three years later, ownership of TOWER was transferred to Girls With Pokies Australian Kelpie Border as the business was mutualised, being a mutual caused difficulties in raising capital and nine years later, inTOWER demutualised and listed on the stock exchange.

National Insurance had bought the failed Standard Insurance Company Limited in and these businesses provided Towers fire and general insurance divisions. A unique feature of the Government Life office was its use of postage stamps. This was the result of a dispute between the office and the New Zealand Post and Telegraph Department over the calculation of postage costs. All issues featured lighthouses, either in abstract designs or specific lighthouses from around New Zealand, New designs were issued in ,, and Use of these stamps was finally withdrawn in Managed by Trade Me Ltd.

In a country with a population of 4. Participating traders primarily use New Zealands banking system to settle payments, australian sellers must have a New Zealand bank-account, while sellers from other countries are not allowed on the site without special approval, which reduces the potential for fraud. Many buyers pay cash on pickup with larger items — probably partially due to the concentration of the New Zealand population in a relatively small number of urban areas.

Trade Me shares many features with other online auction-websites, such as eBay, Some of these features include Buy Now, Auto bidding and the Safe Trader escrow service. Members in New Zealand can become Address Verified by confirming their street address, Sam Morgan founded Trade Me during the first few months ofconstructing the site while working full-time for Deloitte as a technology-consultant. Within Deloitte, Morgan worked on Internet projects and supply-chain issues, during this time he witnessed the successes of online businesses like eBay and Yahoo, as well as the disasters of the dot-com bubble.

According to Trade Me legend, Morgan, then 23 years old, decided to found the Trade Me site when, despite searching online, he could not find a heater for his Pokies Win Nzx 50 List in Wellington. Morgan describes the initial designing and building of Trade Me thus, Some time later we were in a backpackers in Sydney and we went up to some backwater because it was the only accommodation we could find. Anyway, there was nothing to do, so that night I started drawing a data model, so it sort of started there really.

Then when I came back to Wellington I literally sat on the couch, the site went online in March after Morgan pulled together as much funding as he could. Though eBay withdrew Morgans auction, the prank sparked some interest among New Zealanders who realized the potential of online trading, Trade Me developed slowly initially, because its founder had little funding to pay for the Fun Tiny Pokies Rubella of hosting and of expanding the site.

In addition, Trade Me initially offered a free service for both buyers and sellers, a strategy for expanding its member-base at the cost of short-term revenue. With little money and time available to work on the site, Morgan made the decision to sell almost half of his new company to his former Deloitte colleagues.

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TrustPower — Trustpower Limited is a New Zealand electricity generation and electricity retailing company, listed on the New Zealand stock exchange. Trustpower is New Zealands fifth largest electricity generator and the fourth largest electricity retailer, the company owns and operates 34 power stations. It generates the majority of its electricity using renewable sources, primarily hydro-electric.

The companys ownership structure is dominated by its two shareholders, Infratil which owns The companys remaining shares are owned by 12, small parcel shareholders, in it bought Energy Direct, a Wanganui electricity and gas company.

On 2 NovemberTrustpower opened Stage 1 of the Snowtown Wind Farm, the wind farm is near the township of Snowtown, km north of Adelaide, and will generate GWh pa with 47 wind turbines. Trustpower abandoned this project ininresource consent applications were lodged for the Waverley Wind Farm.

It is the number one provider of electricity distribution, number one provider of electricity and gas metering. It also owns a fibre optic cable network, Auckland Energy Consumer Trust owns Pokies Win Nzx 50 List three quarters of its shares, and had full ownership until The AECT was established, along with 29 other energy trusts throughout the country, the result of this share float, and a subsequent buy back of shares inis that the AECT holds The Auckland Electric Power Board was set up in as a consumer-owned utility, when incorporated Mercury Energy Limited owned the distribution business in Auckland, Manukau and Papakura, and also retailed electricity to customers connected to the network and elsewhere.

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