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So recently, my youtube videos just started not quite working, they freeze every few seconds. I have a 40 mbps download speed and it's always been that way.

See The Youtube Warning Today On Your Fire Stick? Fix It For 2018!

The ads for youtube run fine, no studdering at all. But as soon as the actually video starts it just doesnt work. Anyone know what could be wrong? More about youtube videos working. Best answer memadmax Oct 6,1: Go into windows control panel, open "Adobe Flash Player 32bit ", Click on the advanced tab, next to browsing data and settings, click on delete all, see if that helps. Same error, not helping. Can't find your answer? Fire up youtube again, and when your video starts, pause it, then right click anywhere on the video, select settings, uncheck the box for enable hardware acceleration.

The YouTube to MP3 audio ripping site gives a messaging telling that "we are sorry, this service is not available from your jurisdiction.

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The only thing you can do is to wait. It is only a matter of time that YouTube-MP3 is shut down. The site is still live on the internet.

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It's not impossible that YouTube-MP3. As for the latter, the cause to the problem are just functional defects.

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EpicTaco5 Oct 6, , 3: I think it has to do with running both Adblock and the Magic Actions for Youtube extensions together.

However, the situation for the former is much complicated. Though most YouTube-to-mp3 sites are quite simple that users only have to copy and paste the URL of a video and press start before they get the MP3 file, Google has warned of "legal consequences" to sites that host this kind of activity and sent letter to some most popular converters, like YouTube-mp3.

YouTube video cannot be analyzed. YouTube-MP3 won't work if the video you want to convert is longer than 20 minutes.

All our servers are in read-only mode. Please try again within the nest hour.

You'll also get the maintenance error message if its server gets overloaded. Generally, there are two ways you can go to download YouTube video to MP3: Online website is an easy way to convert the YouTube videos to mp3 files. Most those online services are completely free with or without account registration required. However, there are some problems which will be discussed below.

While YouTube music downloader may come with more features and higher quality, but you have to pay some money for it. As for the two methods, YouTube audio converter is recommended. To understand why, let's get into issues you should note when use YouTube to MP3 conversion websites first, putting aside Google's battle against them as mentioned above.

With websites used, you can not always get MP3 files in high quality. It's nothing new that you get disjointed songs or undistinguished sound. Your devices that support formats other than MP3 can not play the output audio directly. Long response time and incapability to download YouTube playlists are also frustrating.

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See The Youtube Warning Today On Your Fire Stick? Fix It For 2018!