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Big Red is very volatile, only experienced gamblers need apply. But if you love volatility and are in the mood for a 5 line game then Big Red is your best bet. Big Red boasts a unique bonus feature where the Tree symbol repays the triggering win. Trigger the 5 free bonus spins with a big win and your win will become even bigger!

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This is a gambler's game. Big Red is a 5 line slot with a Free Spins Bonus feature.

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If you crave high volatility then the Big Red slot game is for you! For the uninitiated, slot games come in roughly 3 volatility levels: A low volatility slot has a higher win frequency but a lower win Pokies Youtube On Repeat Playlist.

As the volatility increases, so does the win size, but the win frequency decreases. And then, BAM, you hit a huge pay. This type of slot game is not for the faint of heart. In order to access the Big Red slot you will need to sign-up for an account at the online casino but you will not need to deposit any money. Big Red is a 5 line slot game. The minimum bet is 20 credits x the number of lines played There is a wild symbol and a scatter symbol, along with a Free Spins Bonus feature that awards 5 free games and can be re-triggered multiple times during the bonus feature.

The wild symbol in the Big Red slot game is the Kangaroo symbol and it appears on reels 3, 4 and 5 only. The Kangaroo wild symbol substitutes for all symbols except the Tree scatter symbol. A line win with a Kangaroo substituting also Free Spins Pokie Leaf or re-triggers the 5 Free Spins Bonus feature. The Tree symbol in the Big Red slot is the scatter symbol.

The Tree scatter symbol pays from left to right in any position on the reels. It pays your total bet amount times the scatter pay in addition to any payline wins. As an example, if you spin up a line win of 5 Crocodile symbols then your pay is multiplied by your line bet 20 up to credits, depending on amount wagered. The scatter pay is paid multiplied by your total bet line bet x number of lines played.

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Pay attention to the pay that triggered the Free Spins Bonus feature because you will be seeing that pay hopefully multiple times during your 5 free games. When in the free games, look up at the top right and you will notice a small Tree scatter symbol and an amount. Every Tree scatter symbol showing during a free games spin will award you that amount.

That way, you keep winning and the coin shower keeps playing making it all the more exciting! During the free games, if you happen to spin up another payline win with a Kangaroo wild symbol substituting then the bonus round is re-triggered and you are awarded another 5 free games.

When your re-triggered set of 5 free spins begins, the Tree scatter symbol hit amount will be the payline win that triggered the current set of free games. Depending on where you live, there are different online casinos that will accept your wagers.

Here are our recommendations of online casinos where you can play the Big Red slot machine and the countries they accept as players. They do not accept players from Russian Federation.

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Please see below for online casinos where you can play similar games that will accept your wagers. Play slots online at the following online casinos: Where To Play Online. Play at Parx Online. Play at Club 8 Casino. Play Now Read Review.

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