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Updated March 17, As the lock-out law debate heats up in NSW, the usually straight-talking premier Mike Baird is having a tough time explaining why casinos are getting special treatment. But we all know why they are, don't we. When you're being taken down by Sam and Rovethe Sydney breakfast radio team of a former Bachelorette and a stand-up comic, you know you've got a credibility problem.

For his cleanskin counterparts like Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews, it's an object lesson. The background is Sydney's restrictive "lock-out" laws, introduced in following a public campaign demanding a response to escalating late-night violence in the CBD and Kings Cross, which had culminated in the deaths of two young men from unprovoked "one-punch" attacks.

As well as controversial mandatory sentencing for such assaultsthe NSW Government brought in laws covering the entire "Sydney CBD Entertainment Precinct" which ban takeaway alcohol sales from 10pm, lock out patrons from entering venues after 1.

This was a radical move, in political terms. The hotels, clubs and liquor industry lobby historically wields big power and has been very good at protecting its own interests; Exhibit A is the successful campaign to fight off poker machine reforms. So it was a brave move to bring in these laws which were guaranteed to substantially reduce the money being spent by inner-city drinkers.

Speaking of pokies, though, there was a stark omission from what would have seemed the obvious boundaries of the CBD Entertainment Precinct. Barangaroo was carved out.


She's got a top-rated show, unlike Scarah who wasn't hired back. She isn't acting like a woman who is going to be brought down in

This passed without very much comment at the time, because Barangaroo was still a building site. Now it's being populated by commercial and residential towers, which we're told will accommodate 24, residents and workers, and host 33, visitors a day. I'm pretty sure they'll be looking for a drink, and might occasionally want to punch each other, as Sydneysiders seem to do. Of course, we all knew why this enclave was so neatly ruled out - it's because there's going to 3 Reel Pokies Kim a casino in Barangaroo - but we let it pass with the usual weary Sydney cynicism.

However, the geographical anomaly has grown into a glaring emblem of political hypocrisy, because the tide of popular opinion has somewhat turned. The lock-out laws continue to enjoy strong public support, and doctors are urging that they are not just maintained but also extended to other areas because they are saving lives.

But there is a growing backlash, driven by a combination of high-profile venue closures particularly in Kings Cross, which is a radically quieter place now and the emergence of a noisy anti-nanny state movement. There's a lot of self-interest in this, certainly from the liquor industry, but also genuine concern among many citizens and the live music industry that Sydney's vibrant night life is being killed off by an over-reaction to alcohol-fuelled violence.

It's a legitimate issue, deserving serious debate. Baird Pokies Youtube Worship Mob saying that the review's outcome is not being prejudged, and that everything is on the table.

If Baird wanted to maintain his image of fair-minded impartiality, then he might have considered appointing someone other than a year-old conservative former judge from Queensland. That's not to say that Callinan won't do an excellent job but, in politics, perception trumps reality.

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The bigger problem for Baird is the casino, or rather casinos. It was never included in the lockout laws, on a more defensible basis geographically, but it was always open to suspicion because The Star in fact has a long and not very proud history of violence.

According to the NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research data, in the two years to last September alcohol-related assaults in Kings Cross have dropped by 34 per cent ; in Pyrmont, they have gone up by 30 per cent. The simple point is this: And we all know why. It may be business as usual, in the eternally soiled playground of politics. The NSW Government weighed up its competing imperatives - revenue and votes and, we like Pokies Youtube Worship Mob think, to some extent at least the public good - and reached the kind of pragmatic compromise which state governments do all the time and which we mostly tolerate with a worldly Pokies Big Win Unity. Baird promised to be a different kind of politician from the shop-worn norm, and his popularity with the electorate has reflected that reputation.

The conflicting interests that the business of governing throw up were inevitably going to challenge his ability to remain a cleanskin, and he now finds himself in a bind. Arguably, Baird is falling into the business-as-usual trap. As his stumbling response to Sam and Rove demonstrates, he is dissembling - and he's not very good at it.

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Politicians specialise in answering the question they weren't asked; Baird, who is an investment banker by vocation, habitually tries to be direct and honest in his responses.

He is being caught short now, because he isn't being upfront. It doesn't have to be this way. He could level with us. We do understand what's going on here; we do get why the Government wants to protect its casino revenues. There are big political risks in being truthful on this score, certainly, but the alternative is that the voters will tune out, having concluded that Baird is just another politician.

And then what is he but to adopt Tony Abbott's daughter's epic description just a churchy loser? Michael Bradley is the managing partner of Sydney law firm Marque Lawyers, and he writes a weekly column for The Drum.

He tweets at marquelawyers. First posted March 17, Don't forget, in the same suite of legislation, maximum penalties for mining companies have been lowered. The Liberal party - best politicians money can buy Given that the taxpayer is footing the bill for tens of mines abandoned by various companies costing billions seems to have slipped by the nation's attention, I doubt that it will make the news. Funny too how that never makes it into the budget conversation.

I was about to make a similar comment. I guess money talks and there's consequently a lot of public noise about laws with ambiguous social implications. Meanwhile, people who give a damn about CSG now face massive criminal penalties but it fails to resonate in the public sphere.

Shame on the NSW government, the crossbenches that supported the passage of the legislation, and on the opposition and media for failing to adequately bring this to the public interest. Don't blame the opposition, in NSW the opposition leader would have to set himself on fire to make the news and even then only if someone caught the blaze on their mobile and posted it on youtube.

A simple ban on all political Sheer Pokies Kate Upton and a ban on any politician gaining in any manner from a matter the vote on for 5 years after they leave politics. While a ban on donations sounds goods on paper, it pretty much undermines democracy as we know it. How would partys run campaigns? How would they fund their staff? What counts as a donation? While the 2 big partys could probably swing it by turning their financing into a trust fund, how would you and me enter politics?

I'm not Donald Trump, are you? You misunderstand Cobbler, no donations means none, nothing. Why can you donate to the people who make the laws but you can't donate to the people who act on those laws such as Judges, Magistrates and Police? If people still want to donate then they can donate to the AEC and have the funds disbursed equally between all candidates. If you expect nothing for your donation then this would not be an issue, if you expect something in return for your donation then it is a bribe.

How do parties run campaigns? An allowance paid by the taxpayer that must be spent by the candidate in the seat they are running for and any remaining funds returned to the AEC. Staff funded by the allowance.

Of course volunteers are free to work at their own expense. Pokies Youtube Worship Mob donations, let them earn our votes with good policy and good governance. Anonymised donations via the AEC is not a bad idea. Even if you could nominate which party it went to, the connection would be broken. Tc68, i think anomonous donations is Pokie Machines Brew Espresso fantasy. Fortelling amounts could be made illegal but it would hardly be enforcable due to the nature of a whisper combined with reporting requirements of any organization.

Would environmental campaigners mind if greenpeace was secretly giving donations to the liberals? The biggest donations need to be reported eventually. Lets juat make sure politicians feel terrified about not reporting immediately.

If not, give the whole amount to the aec. I've thought about this for a long time now. Firstly you are absolutely bang on. A political donation is bribery pure and Pokies Youtube Worship Mob. We look down our noses at the Middle East and Africa and say that it is all corrupt but, come on, this stuff is ridiculous. Just because we have a kind of regulated corruption doesn't mean it's not corruption! One problem I keep coming up with is: There'd also be all sorts of indirect schemes these people are creative from deferred shared options and jobs to charitable donations to politicians' local schools etc.

In addition you get the harder bargaining tools such as the threat of job losses from re-locations raise taxes and we're gone. Finally a huge part of lobbying is simply spreading mis-information. Many politicians are in politics because they have a particular ideology and lobbyist take advantage of this e. But I agree what you propose would be a very good start.

The first thing to do is to ban donations from businesses and all overseas entities. This would not impact on anybody's democratic rights because the democratic rights of foreign citizens to not extend to their participation in Australian politics, and businesses are not human beings, cannot be citizens, and therefore have no "demopcratic rights" in the first place.

Donations should be restricted to individuals and genuine community organisations, and should be fully disclosed.

Their rarity, those Pokies Mob Worship Youtube

The routing of donations through money laundries like the North Sydney Forum and Heritage Foundation should also be outlawed, as these provide a back door through which money can come from all sorts of sources including developers and international organised crime syndicates.

The formula is rather simple. Only individual citizens and their genuine community organisations should be allowed to participate in Australian politics in any way, including financial support for parties. Why can community groups still donate? Many of them still try to influence government. Sorry how slow of me. What you are saying is that it is alright for unions to give the ALP money.

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