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  1. Embed Tweet. I dictate my tweets to my executive assistant and she posts them. "Time is money"The Art of the Deal. AM - 23 Nov Retweets; Likes . @realDonaldTrump @BuzzFeedAndrew Andrew is redefining the word d**k head with your posts that have no effect on President Trump #TrumpMissing: pokies.:
    "Corporations have NEVER made as much money as they are making now." Thank you Stuart Varney @foxandfriends Jobs are starting to roar,watch! AM - 1 Aug 16, Retweets; 78, Likes; Fourfifths Lillibeth Ankit gupta yash Shawn Gotfryd Mariusz winniczuk Greg Vivian Johnson Justin Lee Gardner Beth  Missing: pokies. Erielle DavidsonVerified account. @politicalelle. Econ research | @ClaremontInst Alum| Contributor @FDRLST |@Middlebury Alum| Conservative| Russian speaker |Pro-@Israel Jew| My opinions | Thank you,vets|. SF via New England. Joined February Just as state governments will wring their hands about the problems of gambling while becoming ever more addicted to the revenue pokie machines bring in, Silicon Valley claims to want to fight trolls, but their actions tell another story. Twitter has made real money from Trump's rants, and Reddit admits the.
  2. Twitter on Tuesday released its top trending people and topics for , ranging from sports to politics to Korean boy bands. It was a year in which almost every sector of society was mashed together or clashing on social media, with the "Tweeter in Chief," President Donald Trump, leading the way.:
    Real Money Online Casino and Fireworks maze + Caricature of Donald Trump - No Deposit Online Casino Games for Real Money and Pokies Galore. Find this Pin Use coloring for grown ups and funny cat memes as a way to focus and concentrate more on the online casino real money games you want to play. With real. trump cartoon art | The Many Faces of Donald Trump - Photos - 18 of 18 - POLITICO Magazine. A day after defending his use of social media as befitting a "modern day" president, President Donald Trump appeared to promote violence against CNN in a tweet.
  3. Just like as soon as someone suggests that maybe we shouldn't be spending as much money on certain government services they get painted as attempting to destroy Medicare or .. Trump is the real face of contemporary Republicanism without all the hokey sentimentality and gentlemen's club manners.:
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I often wonder whether the same would hold true in places like America, and how it would affect the politics of the place. So Phil, if you were a US citizen and entitled to vote, and you thought Clinton a lot better than Trump, and you thought the governance of your country a matter of real importance, would you a not vote because Clinton is not as good as you would like; or b vote in the hope that the disaster was not as bad as it might otherwise be?

Perhaps I should add, c seek political asylum in Australia? Trump is an obvious disaster: Hilary's threat is less overt. She is owned by corporate America, and will play the corporate game. If we are lucky, she will adopt some of Sanders' humanity, but it will only be a veneer. I see little hope for US politics and the American people as a result of their coming election.

Meanwhile, in Australia, we're faced with a choice between Liberal 1 and Liberal 2 otherwise known as the Labor Party. That's no choice at all! I strongly dislike H Clinton but Obama was clueless and a diversion into a dead end. I don't think she would be as bad on economics. At least the RBA hasn't gone completely loopy. I would struggle to say the same for the Fed. There's a lot more reason to dislike Clinton than there is to dislike Trump.

That's why Trump is likely to win when the final choice is made. Clinton just won't get the vote out. Clinton isn't well liked, but neither is she as well-hated as Trump.

Clinton won't need to get out the vote - having Trump as her opponent will do that for her. Forrest, surely the article is about the support Trump has received; the contest just past not the contest about to happen. The "weather not news" aside refers to pre-Al Gore's breakthrough in getting us to pay attention to the inconvenient truth that we live on a finite planet.

The article is about populism - politicians exploiting the ready certainty of the most easily influenced. The threat of populist politics is being discussed around the world by the politically savvy. The issue is that the social cohesion that once allowed the wise and trusted of left, right and "somewhere-in-between groups to offer a deliberated platform of policies for assessment by supporters.

All that essential systemic reasoning and debate has been replaced by crass entertainment by charismatic individuals and that that appeals to the least discriminating. Implicit in the concern is that the social mechanisms that once suggested to people that they should look to their wise and trusted elite has diminished to the point that anti-establishment politics can win on either side in a two-party system - traditionally the system mechanism that most robustly resists this threat.

For those who don't buy the flimsy proposition that democracy is about extracting the wisdom of the ordinary people as opposed to the more reliable wisdom of the respective wise and trusted of major groupings , this is a big deal.

As big as instability that plunged the world into two world wars. The fact that the UK is debating leaving the EU - a mechanism designed to combat the forces that create those world wars, shows that the problem is bigger than Trump, indeed with climate, orders of magnitude bigger. Colmery, your little essay covers much ground but I'll respond only to your first paragraph. You say the article is about populism. The author uses that word once. That hardly supports your assertion.

The weather not news thing is just plain wrong. Trump has already happened here and will happen again but when "Trump" happens here it is diluted by parliamentary representation.

Having a number of senior politicians going Trump at the same time would be more of a worry. On a serious note, though, the problem with the USA is that the GOP have gone too far to the crazy right of politics and have destroyed all faith in the political system. The half mad ravings of Donald Trump are being supported by some of the population simply because they have reached their limit and would rather have a madman in the White House than any politician of any hew.

The GOP have caused this mess and deserve the consequences. Democratic governments across the world are on tenterhooks and are facing serious challenges for their survival in an ever increasingly unfair environment. Until we learn that everyone is entitled to a fair share we can expect the discontent to grow. When people become irrational anything can happen.

I suspect people might also be sick of being screeched at by deluded social justice warriors while also retaliating to being told by SJWs that they should be ashamed of being white or male or whichever demographic is being painted as evil that month. Make no mistake, we're seeing the start of it over here with silly campaigns aimed at prohibiting people from saying words like "guys". As this starts to get out of control - and it will - people will look to someone to save them from the authoritarian PC brigade.

Give them an inch and before you know it we'll be living in our very own Venezuela. You mean having the USA conduct secret overthrows of our Govt and violent revolutions because the outcome didnt match with their 'interests'?

I have lost respect for the order of Australia. It use to highlight long, successful and non political careers. Now it supports whatever Twitter tabbed about for a few weeks of the year.

Its also fundamentally racist with Indigenous people being over represented. At least its no longer sexist with winners this century being close to even. Yep, the authoritarian regressive left is gaining mainstream traction in Australia.

Apply some Newtonian thinking and you can see why far-right totalitarianism is on the rise. All this is made possible by the failure of moderates to find solutions to contemporary issues or to even have honest discourse on these matters.

I've never seen someone try to ban thought. And I thought I'd point out the hypocrisy of your position since you seem to have missed it: But isn't that just you trying to shout down their speech?

In the end, if you end up feeling ashamed by the response you get to your speech then you might try reflecting on: You are free to say whatever you want to whomever you want of course. But I know enough not to go and talk about racial equality to white supremacists because, even though I've got every right to say whatever I want, I can't control how people respond to what I say.

And to be perfectly frank you don't have the right to control how people respond to your speech that is in fact the often forgotten responsibility that comes with the right to free speech - to be aware of how others will respond.

The short answer is no. We have a parliamentary system of government with a cabinet and Prime Minister who must have the confidence of the cabinet before he can act, he can't act alone. A Presidential nominee is his own man and when he becomes President he appoints his administration personally.

Add to this that Australia is a small country and has little effect on world affairs The history of Presidential success on that front is decidedly mixed. It's one of the inherent dangers to being the Lucky Country, still, along with gross incompetence, and not to the exclusion of either. We've had the hard-right politics of Abbott, itself being the triumph of Howard's Liberalism and its manipulative, bred-in-the-bone xenophobia not to call it racism, although you could.

And we've seen how that can capture even someone as presentably reasonable as Turnbull, himself entrapped now with a right-wing rump that drives the agenda at nearly every turn. We've also seen how the Clintonian strategy of co-opting centre-right policies by a centre-left party means we're left, more than not, with two rightwing mainstream parties and no viable liberal alternative, unless all of Labor's support evaporates and re-forms as Greens votes overnight.

We watched Kevin07 turn political campaigning into Celebrity Apprentice, and the internal party chaos that ensued accordingly. The public, to the extent that it engages in politics, is increasingly polarised and desparate, reflecting much of the middle class's anxieties faced with diminishing prospects to improve their standard of living, or even of continuing to make a living, and nobody actually in politics even trying to address the fundamental changes we need, or even the more incremental changes we could endure short- and medium-term.

A Trumpian demogogue would easily manipulate such a population and such degraded politics. Even though the great points of difference in our society versus America's should be things we celebrate and support, too many are running screaming from the room whenever they are mentioned, as if Medicare, the pension, our commitment to equality are all built and maintained solely at their individual expense and solely for the benefit of someone else.

We have been bettter and could be better still. But we're circling the drain, it seems, sometimes, waiting for a saviour, and settling for the hollow men. At least we live in interesting times. The tipping point was Obama signing off on the bail-out, but you will never get the left commentators admitting that one of their own sold the general population down the drain and rode roughshod over them thus destroying all faith in the establishment, irrespective of political connection.

The fact that Obama was placed in a very diabolical position of causing devastating economic consequences if he did not sign off on the bail-out has to be now weighed off against the dire political and economic outcomes which became inevitable by his action and are now being played out.

I think the Kennedy murder back in the s was a major cause of change in many areas of Western society over the last third of the 20th century. Then there were other wrong turns in the '70s, but the biggest catastrophe to hit of all would appear to have been those planes on September 11th , which again caused unexpected NGO havoc around the USnA which has reverberated through to us very easily, because the average Australian seems to want to identify with California more than Australia, so didn't we suck it up?

Now it is not safe to catch a train to the city in Perth anymore, because of the dull-eyed, flat-headed authorities with slaggy mutts on leashes out to assault innocent commuters. Kennedy's death played a large part in the unravelling of the plot for this same old new world order, although it would take more than words to go into it. The simple one, and the most directly obvious has had to have been the planes though. The World is a much more dangerous and unfriendly place since , thanks to paranoid rich YKWs and their pathetic attempts to take away the freedoms of others under the pretense of 'security'.

The rest of the world doesn't give a flying frack about the security arrangements in Hollywood. Trump is an outgrowth, a symptom, of a "societal corpus" a FrankenAmericanStein monster that is thrashing about trying to keep its head above water. Climate, our less-intense situation and nature, and that we are not so far down the slippery slope, mean that we are just nervous yet rather than frightened to death. We are not yet so desperate that we would think of someone Trump-like as being a possible life-preserver.

No, we are just out of our depth to the extent that we think we could rely on a Hilary-esque Turnbull or Shorten. With lifeguards like these We need to get into a boat that can actually float. We can't have a Trump here. Compulsory voting and a non-presidential system ensures it simply couldn't happen. We don't have a presidential election its is true - but nobody seems to have told the media. Which leader do you prefer? Who is more trustworthy? Who would you rather have a drink with?

Who wears the nicer suits? Who looks more like a PM? How about whose team has the best policies just for once. I agree it would be nice to hear more about the party policies. The media is far to inbred in their interests - journos talking to political journos as expert witnesses and thus ending up talking about the show of politics rather than the substance.

I'd lean towards no. Ignore the extremists and you'll end up with a Joyce or a Hanson-Young popping up. Ignore the mainstream and you'll get Trumps popping up. Our politics is fairly moderate, so we're okay. By contrast, Europe ignored the mainstream over borders and America ignored the mainstream over social issues.

Now they've got Trumps to deal with. If by mainstream you mean the majority of the populace. Whether we can have a Trump is less about the policies of the major parties and more about the economic climate we are in which is currently relatively well-off, but lets see what happens when the housing bubble bursts if we don't let a little steam out of it by removing negative gearing as per the ALP. Palmer was elected as a protest vote against the establishment because there was a perception fostered by the LNP and their crony media that our economic situation was more bleak than it is.

Now the opposite seems to be true. I'd say the answer to the question is 'no'. Who knows in the future, but in the short term, no.

No-one in our political sphere is like Trump, we don't have the same system as the USA. We have less racial problems, we have better social security. We have a smaller population and are far less divided. We don't like politicians even as 'extreme' as Abbott turned out to be. Turnbull was so popular at the start because he was seen as a moderate, sensible, centrist, not a slogan spouting divisive loud mouth. The big winner from this election could be Xenophon, he's not very Trmp like is he.

And the Greens, love them or loathe them, should do OK too. I think this article is just another portraying Australia and Australians as a far worse place and people than we really are. Of course, if 'ordinary' Australians are continually told they are racist, xenophobic white trash who dare not ever say they are proud of their country and it's culture, then who knows?.

I agree that Xenephon should do well - sure he was in agreement will killing off the macro parties. And he is in agreeing in killing off the sunday penalty rates, but he isn't one of the major parties, and he isn't as mad as palmer. The greens have surprised me, as their vote is expected to continue to fall. I would never describe Xenophon as mad. He's intelligent and amusing but he just doesn't stand for anything. If you vote for him you are taking him on trust, just like any other politician.

Trust him to do what? I have no idea, beyond self-promotion and self-aggrandisement. I think it reflects the author's disposition more - He has been pretty down on us lately. Maybe he reads too many of the posts here. Donald Trump popularity is got the left and their media sympathisers blindsided the more they criticize him the higher his popularity.

He is now the front runner in becoming the next US president. He is running against a low achieving woman who has had along with her husband had a questionable and even corrupt history. I seem to Remember another US president that the left heaped scorn on who went on to be a great president Ronald Regan. The voters of the US now know that the Barak Obama experiment despite the cheering from the left was only achieved because of black american activism and has failed the nation and the world.

They will not make a similar mistake on Hilary or loony Bernie. I think Regan's greatness lies in taking a nap in the afternoon while more competent people got on with running the country. Perhaps nap time should be compulsory for all American Presidents. They can cause less damage that way. Eisenhower used to play golf every Wednesday? Eisenhower was a very competent leader who warned us decades ago about the growing power of the Military Industrial Complex and its distorting effect on American politics.

He turned out to be right. The track records of the Bush Administration and the quality of the Republican candidate in might have had something to do with it, more than "black activism".

You really can't write an article comparing American and Australian politics without bothering to mention two crucial differences. Firstly, the Australian PM must be able to get his legislation through Parliament.

An American President could in theory survive four years without getting a single policy passed. The need for the PM to have Parliamentary backing is essential in Australia. This is a result of US electoral boundaries being determined by State legislatures and therefore the Parties.

Our Electoral Commission does the job here and has sufficient independence that seats regularly change hands. Perhaps a re-think Jonathan? I'm surprised you know so little about our political system that you'd even ask. Donald Trump is vying for a single post selected by a system that does not compel attendance, contains no form of preferencing facility, and only requires he gets more Electoral College votes than anybody else. Australia - where you live Jonathan - doesn't have a President, has a parliament that requires considerable overlapping of policy positions from the contenders in order to garner enough middle-ground voters to secure a majority, and invariably ends up with a hostile Upper House anyway because Australians dislike giving any party elected untrammelled powers based on messianic self-belief.

Although it's a question of degrees, there's also the small additional fact that Australians tend to be less stupid than Americans, and marginally more in tune with the reality of the Universe they live in.

As I said, it's a "degrees" thing - but the sliding scale is very fine, but even small deviations of type can generate big differences. If you find yourself still needing help understanding your current place of domicile, please feel free to drop me a line and I'll explain it more fully to you. I would normally suggest trying somewhere reputable like the ABC to learn a bit more about it, but I can see the flaw in that logic When the Right wing have finished trashing our public service -- and the very idea of a national government acting in a sovereign fashion on behalf of all its people -- then we will be presented with a choice: Since we style ourselves as too sophisticated to elect a Trump or a Dubya then we will probably be fair target for the second scam.

Not for us a Federal ICAC or beefed up independence and reporting capabilities for our State and Federal auditors general, No, rather we will go down the track of Citizen Initiated Referendums, or -- the latest corporate scam -- Citizen Juries.

SA Premier Jay Weatherill is using the second method to sell the benefits of importing global nuclear waste, a method promoted by the group New Democracy. When you remove the hype and note the inherent weaknesses you see that it is the short end of an ideology to replace public servants and accountable government with public consultations that are supposedly superior. Despite the good intentions of many of its promoters it's a business scam, a corporate takeover of government.

And we will be seeing more of it. Didn't we elect a Dubya at the last election? For the record I think Abbott was much more of a Dubya than a Trump - Abbott at least seemed to listen to some advisors around him. Trump seems deluded enough to think he is actually smart. I'm not sure that Johnathan needs your guidance. I dare say he's as cognisant of the Constitution as you are, possibly more.

But actually our system of government can be dictatorialised quite easily. On the rare occasions when the government can command the Senate, there is effectively a dictatorship of three years.

If a demagogue such as Trump controlled the Senate he or she could act as they wish. In our system normally a leader could be dethroned by his own party. But if an MP owed his seat to a popular leader he would be unlikely to support a challenge.

Our system allows popular twits to stay in office. The Governor-general would be effectively powerless to remove a rabid PM, unless they actually be in breach of the Constitution or unable to govern. Then we have the possibility of a popular prime minister appealing to a referendum to alter the Constitution to give him more powers. Yes, but remember that Germany before Hitler was an enthusiastic democracy.

We appear to be at cross purposes. You seem intent on telling me that hypothetical things can happen, whilst I was telling everyone else that unlikely things probably won't.

You may also need to brush-up on your understanding of what an "effective dictatorship" is. And in the land renowned for it's tall poppy syndrome, I think you'll find that with further thought those demagogues have a pretty tough time making it to the big league here - mediocrity is the more usual path to success in this country. Probably the fault of the unions or The Greens I'm guessing - everything else usually is.

Hawke could not even get a referendum up to increase electoral terms to 4 years and you think that a populist leader could get support to establish a dictatorship? Apart from an almost complete inability to get the support of the people for the most innocuous changes to the constitution we have a set of checks and balances in our system of parliamentary democracy.

There are the three arms of government to begin with. I'm not saying this will happen or is even likely. What I'm saying is never say never. I dare say a good many Germans in the 20s did nothing to curb demagogy in the belief their constitution and way of life would protect them.

I don't know why the author has not realised the answer. The public should not be afraid of politicians. The public should be able to recall a politician through petition, and the public should be able to recall legislation through petition.

Politicians are just public servants, and the public should be able to recall them if necessary, or recall their legislation.

Very few countries allow the public to recall a politician or recall legislation, which is probably the reason why democracy is failing in so many countries.

And of course democracy is now dead in america but who should care. So the public should not be fearful of politicians, and the public in Australia should not be afraid of americans or their presidents. It is not a good way to live. Never, under any circumstances, or at any time should a member of the public vote for a political party that does not allow the public to recall a politician or recall legislation. Which means never vote for any of the current political parties in Australia.

Everything went fine and the people used it to vote for lower state taxes. The business class enthusiastically promoted it as a 'boost' to investment and the economy of course they did. Only after a year or so did the penny finally drop with the public -- that government services such as welfare, libraries, education and health care were being axed or cut to the bone as a direst result.

At that stage it was too late to reimpose the taxes because the public narrative had been established that lower taxes were always good and the business class were never going to allow otherwise.

Be careful what you wish for. You might just get it. It depends on how you look at things. Whether you are pro-political party, or pro-democracy.

There is a big difference. As for the ability of the public to recall legislation, that has been in place in Switzerland for over years.

But I have never once heard a member of a political party in Australia mention it. To busy I suppose. Too busy bending the minds of the public through propaganda about their inglorious political party that is expert at hiding its faults in case they don't get re-elected and lose their place at the trough.

Too wedded to the fiction that they are elected to be our leaders, rather than our representatives. Andso, California may have had a heavy government deficit but cutting taxes was hardly the way to improve that or to maintain government services.

I agree with you that there is always a need to look at greater popular participation in government decision making. I do make the point however that many suggestions for achieving this are often ill-considered when one looks at the practicalities and the outcomes. It's always better to try and improve a current system. Change is not necessarily progress. Very good article this one, and some of these home truths will be too painful to even contemplate for some folks.

I've had a gutfull of the marketing of the tax break and the middle class welfare package. If that's all it takes, and that's all it means I think also American people were probably influenced by Clive Palmer.

Don't you think that is likely to be the case? We already had our Trump. Who turned out to be a lot less interested in politics then it was looking for a while there. It doesn't matter what most Americans know.

What matters is paying attention, and there would be those who do. In a sense we already have had a more fragmented version of Trump. Clive Palmer and Tony Abbott both had Trump like characteristics and David Leyonhjelm and Bob Day represent some of the ill thought through conservative ideas supported by Trump. The phenomenon arises when a country has a two party system where both parties are captured by global interests and manipulated by a failed fourth estate.

We can expect more idiocy until major constitutional reform occurs. The millionaire who tried it was Clive Palmer The populist who tried it was Tony Abbott The extremist one who appealed to the worst feelings of some Australians was Pauline Hanson She is trying again though.

So no, it doesn't look like that a character like Trump would ever succeed in a cynical country such as Australia. We may have a common language and similar surnames, but Americans and Australians are not the same. Agreed to a point Alpo I don't think it will come from the right side of politics.

More from the far Left. Quite similar to the country I migrated from. America is different to us with a million population. Check Venezuela for instance. Who is on the "Far left". The conservatives are so far to the right that the ALP and even the Greens are more centrist than left and the real extremists in the media and business world all come from the right.

Socialist revolutions are also the outcome of having repressive far-right governments. If you believe what we have is far right you really have no clue pal! In addition, the two major parties are so close together they are nearly indistinguishable from an OUTCOMES perspective, and that is all that matters in the end, the outcome.

I couldn't see Trump ever taking responsibility for any negative impact he would have as a President. He said it had nothing to do with the government.

The bloke in charge was in charge at Telstra - that' almost an oxymoron. The nearest we have come to a mercurial populist like Trump has been Clive Palmer. I don't understand why people are talking about Tony Abbott - he has never been a populist but always a dyed-in-the-wool conservative, there is nothing of Trumps shifting, incoherent, inconsistent demagogue appeal about him! Jonathan provides a disturbing list in paragraph 3 of things that are wrong in our society, the assumption being that in this climate a Trump might emerge.

True, but alternatively someone might emerge who recognises these things and puts forward a mature program to deal with them.

A Tony Windsor for instance. As several people have pointed out we had our Trump moment when we copped Tony Abbott. However he did not promise to fix anything - he only promised to destroy as much as he could. What a horrible record. Hope for something or someone better to come. Instead of hoping for someone better to come along, I think it is our responsibility as a nation to ensure someone better comes along.

We need to change the entrenched mindset of "it's not my fault". It may not be our fault, but if we continue to watch from the sidelines, it certainly becomes our fault. There is no use blaming the parties, they are the product of an antiquated system of governance that is increasingly being shown to be unable to achieve the results we desire. Having said that, I am not a member of any political party, so I am as much to blame as our politicians Dear OUB, I am not sure what you mean by that?

We have the highest paid politicians in the world. To my mind, if the politicians started treating us better, they may receive a little more respect. Remember, trust and respect have to be earned, and there is not a single person in politics today, whether local, state or federal, who has earned mine Pay isn't everything grafton. Politicians are exposed to such scrutiny that even small mistakes can become major sources of stress and heartache.

Take the recent examples of ministers who couldn't answer questions on party policy relating to other portfolios - why on earth should they be criticised for not knowing details on something that it is not their job to be fully across?

What about the expectation that politicians get by with minimal sleep - that is stressful, unhealthy, and bad for them in doing their jobs? We do place a whole lot of expectations on politicians in politics.

I mean take the fundamental one - we expect politicians to be dishonest. This means that so many of us I'm guilty of this as well are very cynical in response to any politician and will therefore react accordingly.

Having to be relentlessly partisan or face the uproar of your own team. It is a broken system, and it is no surprise that we so often end up with broken politicians. And the worst thing is that the reason we have these expectations of politicians is because some politician are very much self-interested and dishonest, so it becomes a chicken or the egg problem. Maybe that should form part of the discussion - what we actually expect from our politicians.

There's a discussion to be had there I think Curious but not many in the public appreciate it. Besides who would be our whipping boys then? There's be outbreaks of self-flagellation everywhere. I certainly am not equipped to do a politician's job. And no doubt a lot of my criticisms of them are unfair as well. Trying to be a little more balanced.

Both made noises then crashed and burned. We don't have a President. Maybe a Berlusconi type could start his own party, but the success rate so far is minimal. The Greens may still fall in a heap without Bob Brown. Someone politically incompetent and with no grasp of economics who nevertheless rises to power by fanning the flames of racism and xenophobia in the conservative voter base, screaming he'll "stop the boats", making up fake scandals about political opponents and so on?

Yes, Tony Abbott was a good example of how easily Australia's conservatives could elect someone like Trump. Org is against Trump Koch Bro? I've said it previously but it's well worth saying here. The current US presidential race will not be decided in a fair-minded manner based on popular choice but on a trash-talk, a gamed political process where every dirty trick will be used.

By that standard Trump will win. Stone, a long time Trump associate and his campaign manager, split with Trump in Aug But this appears to be pure theatre. Stone had a polyamorous "swinger" lifestyle for many years and the moral charge would have sunk the current Trump campaign.

So he had to go, but it now emerges that Stone is working behind the scenes to defeat Hillary using the same devious methods for which he is famous -- bring down the opposition from the inside! Stone has used these methods in every presidential race since ! Craig Snyder is a Republican who worked with Roger Stone on Donald Trump's current campaign and co-founded with him a political action group called Ikon Public Affairs.

So Snyder is very close to Trump and Stone. In a politically sweet move Snyder has now founded and is chairing a group called "Republicans for Hillary Trump's current campaign manager is Paul Manafort, a replacement for Roger Stone. For thirty years he headed up a PR firm that represented some of the world's most unsavoury characters including drug dealers and murderous African dictators.

And this Snyder, close colleague and confidante of Trump, Manafort and Roger Stone, is now heading up the group "Republicans for Hillary The public is pliable. Hillary will be smeared. These methods have been used by Stone successfully since Keep in mind that Trump has recently said that Hillary "belongs behind bars" and that she was a criminal.

She has never been charged much less convicted of any criminal offense, and the much touted email scandal shows no signs of producing any such charges mindless Hillary-hater outrage aside. Understand that when the smears against Hillary come originating from the Republicans they will likely be criminal in nature. She will be condemned to conducting the rest of her campaign as if she were a defendant in a criminal trial. If such claims come from a group supposedly aligned with the Hillary campaign the effect will be even more devastating.

My guess is that this is what is planned. Yes- trump has already shown that he is a hell of a lot smarter than Clinton. In which universe does Clinton deserve to win? The guy who didn't run a high end escort service out of one of his buildings. A guy who didn't sell properties to Russian mobsters. And a guy who didn't use dirty tricks all his life to drive off his Casino competitors.

Does that narrow the field down for you? Of course a "Trump" could happen here. It is what happens when people feel they are not being listened to. They get angry and their views become extreme with a lack of caring. This opens the door for politicians to run on a zero tolerance platform and have a chance of being elected. In this instance, it is the extreme liberal left with their thick political correctness that is causing the backlash. If we think that there hasn't been such a figurehead, then what about Ronald Reagan?

The republicans have some form with this one. Most of the suburb - about 10, people - currently uses untreated water drawn from a deep aquifer via bores. Australia police came close to N Korea arrest blunder. Drink driving warnings fall on deaf ears. Teen in court after body found in Hawke's Bay. US prosecutor apologises in case of Australian woman's death.

US to declare N. Korea carried out cyber attack. State of Rotorua court a disgrace: GeoNet's earthquake predictions for New Zealand. Six suspected suicides of farmers 'tragic'. Waikato businessman gives bikes to school kids. Man shot by police near Hunterville. Six dead, 50 injured as train plunges on to highway in US. Eight detained for Head Hunters meth operation. Fire at Auckland Sky Tower. Lou Vincent admits to wilful damage. Father and son found safe in bush. Search for missing Hamilton man.

Dan Carter lightly fined for drink driving - report. Ex-Air NZ boss to lead mine re-entry. Sarah Palin's son arrested on domestic violence charges.

English criticises "waka-jumping" law. Parliament to debate foreign buyer bill. Mystery asteroid has a half-metre thick shield. Schools 'may still be using seclusion rooms'. Flash downpour floods BoP homes.

Searchers find body of missing diver. Women at front of City Mission queue. British diplomat 'raped' and murdered. Recreational use of cannabis is currently illegal in New Zealand and contrary to New Zealand's commitments to international drug conventions. Violent rapist to be monitored indefinitely. Nats list 29 'fiscal time bombs'. A peek into US' secret planning on N Korea. South Korea jets escort Chinese warplanes out of Korea air defense.

Four injured as fire ravages luxury hotel in Scotland. American recaptured after escaping Bali prison. Tauranga residents mopping up after flash floods. Driver assaulted, robbed in Christchurch. Woman rescued days after falling down mine shaft. A severe thunderstorm warning has been issued for parts of the eastern North Island as heavy rain causes surface flooding in Tauranga and Rotorua. Fence to shepherd visitors away from Tekapo church.

Ex-prisoner loses appeal over more compensation. Aussie 'acted as N Korea agent'. World's most expensive home? Another bauble for a Saudi prince. I had to beat FakeNews, and did. We will continue to WIN! Trump also spent a chunk of a speech at the Celebrate Freedom rally for veterans and religious freedom at the Kennedy Centre on Saturday night denouncing and taunting the media. The people know the truth," he said. At the ceremony, WWE chairman Vince McMahon referred to Trump as "a Wrestlemania institution" and recalled this episode, which culminated with Trump participating in shaving McMahon's head in the ring.

CNN has been a frequent target in Trump's tweets, which have described the network as everything from "unwatchable" to "the worst". Bossert echoed a line of defence that other Trump surrogates have employed in recent days: Bossert argued that the tweet might actually a good thing, because "whatever the content of that tweet or any particular tweet, he's generated a genuine ability to communicate directly" with the American people.

He added that he was "pretty proud of the president for developing a Twitter and a social media platform where he can talk directly to the American people.

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